Watch out for the Map When You Play PUBG

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Where conceivable, attempt to keep corresponding weapons available and don't convey two weapons that satisfy a similar reason.

It'll take a reasonable couple of amusements to become familiar with the format of specific regions of the PUBG map, not to mention the entire thing. While you're becoming accustomed to the scene, ensure you're focusing on the smaller than expected guide and watching out for the reducing play territory.

In PUBG, the main safe region exists in "The Circle". This circle will start to contract at select occasions during the match and on the off chance that you wind up outside of it for a really long time, you'll in the long incredible.

The harm you take in this zapped blue field will increment as the circle recoils. At an early stage you'll be fine for a couple of minutes, while in the exceptionally last stage you won't last over ten seconds.

Each new circle will appear on your guide as a white layout, so in the event that you watch your guide you'll generally realize where to go straightaway. There's no compelling reason to surge in the early stages, however towards the end you'll have to get going to keep away from death while likewise attempting to avoid different players will's identity doing likewise. You ought to dependably be attempting to stay in spread where conceivable, yet on the off chance that you do need to move, move rapidly and with reason.

The smaller than expected guide additionally has one last trap at its disposal that you totally need to pay special mind to—a flame pointer. In the event that you hear gunfire in your region, have a fast look at the guide and it'll demonstrate precisely where it's coming from.

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