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It has been the 7th day after the FIFA 17 TOTS release Date on 12th May, and now the TOTS Promotion big reward is around the corner, that is, on every Tuesday in FIFA 17 TOTS Promotion, you have 72 hours to complete the new FIFA 17 TOTS Bonus Reward SBC. And the total number of the FIFA 17 TOTS Bonus SBCs is 6! buy reliable fifa coins  For the requirment to access it, it will be a little high, among which there include requiring 4 gold players. If you hope to get bigger bonus reward, you’d better to complete more bonus reward SBCs. And a TOTS pack is waiting for you if you are able to complete all the bonus SBCs, and in the pack, you are sure to get the TOTS player item! It is so attractive, right? And you will receive the TOTS SBC Reward on June 28th, 2017 if you complete the Bonus SBCs.

Earn the special reward by completing two or more FIFA 17 TOTS Bonus SBCs as follows:
2 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Mega Pack (untradeable)
3 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Prime Gold Players Pack (untradeable)
4 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Rare Players Pack (untradeable)
5 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Jumbo Rare Players Pack (untradeable)
6 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Ultimate Pack that includes a guaranteed TOTS Player (untradeable)

From 16/05/2017 6pm to 19/05/2017 6pm

Week 1 of 6. Earn the special reward by completing two or more FIFA 17 TOTS Bonus SBCs (granted June 28)!
Rewards: Premium Silver Pack + Futura Kit

Min. 1 EFL Championship Players
Min. 1 EFL League One Players
Min. 1 EFL League Two Players
Min. Players from different Nations: 4
Min. Team Chemistry: 90
Number of Players in the Squad: 11


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