FIFA 19: Release Date, Latest News and Wishlist

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With the continued development of the good Konami PES series, EA may not be able to endure two years of poor reception, as there is now a viable alternative alternative to football fans.

As a result, we have compiled the wish list as we would like to see it from FIFA 19. We will also try out the latest news, trailers and game information while EA shows more.

Date of release of FIFA 19
EA has not officially unveiled FIFA 19 yet, but FIFA's history has been the same for many years now. You can expect to launch the game in the last week of September.

EA has recently demonstrated its plans for the E3 2018, which has proven successful in gaming display. With promotional information, the details show the latest "EA Sports Addresses", which is a surprise, but expects a wide range of information and a FIFA 19 game during the conference.

FIFA 19 presentation
A few weeks before launch, EA launched a demo of the game, giving players the opportunity to play individual matches with selected teams.

Viva 18 was launched on September 12, 17 days before the game was launched, so a similar trend is expected this year. Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Los Angeles Galaxy and Toronto FC. Clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Bayern and St Germain have appeared in previous performances, so they are likely to work together.

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FIFA 19 Flight - What to expect?
In the previous presentation, I also got an excerpt from the famous story mode: The Journey. EA does not confirm whether or not Travel will return to FIFA 19, but given how many times it has been in the past two years, we certainly hope so.

Alex Hunter on the roller coaster ride in his relatively young career, so whether EA decided to continue his story or follow a new lip.

PES loses UEFA license - FIFA can claim the Champions League?
UEFA has recently proved that the 10-year relationship with Konami and the PES series will end after the final season of the Champions League. This means that PES will not have exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions and the Europa League.

In this open goal, EA can get the rights to offer the largest competition for UEFA clubs? The licenses are likely to be included in FIFA 19, but the future is certainly exciting for FIFA fans.

FIFA 19 wishes list
Stop reversing changes to patches

The typical approach in FIFA's games seems to be the introduction of violent changes that receive a strong response from the grass roots. Reforms on FIFA 18 reforms have been met with a wave of positive and monetary encouragement, but EA Sports still feels the need to avoid these improvements again in the first major package after launch.

This year will be great if the developer will stand next to his gun and keep the changes he feels good for the evolution of the serial in the whole spots. Hopefully we will not see another #fixFIFA campaign this year.

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New custom tactics, please!

This is a repeated demand from the previous year, but still can not change the custom tactics EA D pad to match. FIFA is far behind the PES level of customization for this tactic, which offers very little depth and the same number of options it has for years.

It would be nice if we could terminate our tactics, at least the default option is a little different.

A new hero for The Journey

Alex Hunter was not even in the middle of 20 years, went to the United States to rebuild his career, played for one of Europe's biggest clubs, joined the Premier League side top the table - and some of these events occurred at the same time.

The boy is very much, thinking to us that it is time for someone to turn into a spotlight.

It is understood that the story must reach us to the top of football in a short period of time, but would like if EA let us a little breathing trip, took the time to develop the appropriate story rich rags. If we can follow the story of Jamie Farde Sego starting in the league of lower grades, with the monitoring and transformation of the league to a big club during several days, that would be fantastic.

Continue adding depth to offline settings

The introduction of cutscenes and the Move Business Career Manager is a good first step, but we want to continue with FIFA 19 by adding more offline mode to the game.

Monitoring can be done with some updates. It would be nice if we would probably have the manager take some of our own surveillance and watch the AI-controlled games that include a player we wanted to sign, such as when the manager saw the right time of the TV broadcast. Maybe then we get a full report on scouting and we can negotiate from there.

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