The Best FIFA 18 Game Control Keys

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Ball - Corner & out of bounds

X key: corner ball - long distance ball

Click 2 times on X key: corners - low cross

Click 2 times on X key: corners - ground cross

A key: corners - pass

A key: short throw in

Y key: short throw inĀ (manual)

X key: long throw-in

A right joystick + direction: mobile receiver (when throwing)

Left joystick: aiming when kicking / movement along

LB key: change player / mobile receiver

LT key: make player pass

The X key +A key or the A key +X key: dummy a pass

Set ball - penalty

B key: shot

RB key +B key: skilled shot

The LB key +B key: chip shot

Right joystick + direction: goalkeeper's save

Left joystick + direction: goalkeeper's moving to the left and right / angle selection for free throw

Left joystick: adjust the start position / curl when running up

B key: apply shooting force

Right rocker: aiming / panning

Right joystick + direction: goalkeeper's diving save

Left joystick + direction: goalkeeper moves around to left and right

Football journey - without attack

A key: call for pass / cross

Y key: call for or suggest through ball

B key: suggest shot

Professional player model goalkeeper - attack without ball

A key: call for or suggest pass

Y key: suggest through ball

X key: suggest cross

B key: recommend shot

Back key: toggle camera target

Professional player model goalkeeper - defence of gate

Right jockey + a certain direction: save

A key + one direction: save

LB keys press and hold: automatic positioning

LT + left joystick: slow movement and facing ball:

Y key: charge/punch

X key: dive at feet

B key: anticipation save

RB keys hold down: second defender contain

Back key: toggle camera target

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