World Cup 2018: Why We Care about the Football Kits Part 5

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Croatia, 1998
Then is the famous Croatian red and white spot spot - immediately recognizable and unlike anyone else in soccer.

The Croatia had a wonderful red and white cooked kit at the 1998 World Cup.
During each kitone the design was incorporated - based on the Croatian weapon, the Sahovnica - the 1998-based Kit designed by Especially is among the fans.
Not only for being the kit the young country was taking third place in their first World Cup, but also to capture the unforgettable game by Davor Suker who went on to win the Golden Ship after winning six goals in seven matches.
Cameroon suit suit
Over the years, some kits have been banned due to designs overlapping the limits of FIFA's strict rules in its 104-page Equipment Regulator guide
This includes Puma's complete costume spent by Cameroon in the 2004 Nations Cup of Nations.

Puma's Cuban suit for the 2004 Nations Cup of Nations was banned by FIFA not to follow its regulation guide.
FIFA said it was illegal to not separate the shirts and short and to prevent the costume. Cameroun ignored the order and played in it again during the quarter finals against Nigeria - leading to a six-point deduction for its 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign and $ 154,000 fine.
While Puma took FIFA to court and the points were restored, the FIFA ban was confirmed, and the one piece was never seen on the field again. It was not the first time that Puma and Cameroon strained the rules - in 2002 the team also tried to wear sleeveless clothing that had to eat sleeves.

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