World Cup 2018: Why We Care about the Football Kits Part 6

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Paying homage this year in Russia

Adidas, the sportswear maker, was behind many of the most striking designs that became "real icons in soccer," said director of design director Juergen Rank in a statement.
The company, he says, wants to "celebrate these icons in today's world," and so many of Adidas's designs this year pay homage to the past with retro-influenced kits.
"(Fans) have a desire for authenticity and progress," says Rank. "They want something they are going to identify, but at the same time we need to keep the newest and new technologies today. We bring together the needs for the players and fans together."
The design for Spain's kit this year, for example, tribute to one of the nation's most famous t-shirts in the 1994 World Cup.

During the 1994 kit of Spain (to the right) does not represent the most successful World Cup in the history of the country, it was a unique design at the time.
During that year was not the most successful in the history of Spain, the t-shirt, with three stripes made up of yellow and marine diamonds, was unique and was used as it likes Pep Guardiola, Miquel Nadal and Luis Enrique.
This year, Adidas brought it back - though not without controversy.

Adidas has redesigned the 1994 World Cup in Spain for a competition this year in Russia.
This year's kit has been incorporated into the strips that sit closer, causing a possible optical illusion that makes the navy appear purple. Some have argued that it looks like the republican flag - used by anti-monarchists. However, Spanish officials insist that a connection is not intended.

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