Coaching Mode play: The Best FIFA 18 Transfer Negotiation


Transfer Negotiation
After searching for players and scouting analysis, the target players were finally selected. When the transfer window was opened, a transfer deal was proposed to the target player's club.
The next step is transfer negotiations (divided into club negotiations and player negotiations).
Club negotiation: the scout will give the range of the player's transfer fee. I suggest choosing the lowest price to the opponent club to put forward a deal.
Usually the club will agree, otherwise the club will offer a new transfer fee at the price given by the club for the next negotiation.
But in some cases the player will not negotiate that is the player who has just joined the team or who will retire within a month of the transfer window next season.
Player negotiation: player negotiation is more complicated than club negotiation. And it mainly talks about player treatment.
Club need to set the player's weekly salary (including bonus, terms and conditions, year of contract).My general approach is to continue the treatment of these players on the club and combine the expectations of the players.
Such an approach would allow players to negotiate smoothly. If there is a stumbling block, it is like renewals of the contract, with the same conditions of treatment continue to apply to the player. When the transfer window is close, the player will agree.
Interactive transfer negotiations: the biggest innovation in FIFA18's coaching model this year is the addition of interactive transfer negotiations. As a new leader, the new leader can now enter into immediate transfer and contract negotiations with other club representatives and agents. If players don't want to negotiate, they can also direct and appoint negotiations at the new transfer center.
The transfer of FIFA18 also includes some new improvements, as well as a new level of choice by adding incentives and terms, such as resale terms, dissolution clauses, etc.

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