FIFA 18 Guide: Legendary Player Litmanen in FIFA 18


Litmanen was born on February 20, 1971 in Lahti Finland. He is Pisces. His father used to be a professional player and used to play for the national team. Therefore Litmanen showed extraordinary talent on soccer since he was a child. In the season of 1992 and 1993, Litmanen who came to the fore in the national team of Finland joined Ajax the European star-making factory. Here he became one of the most excellent players across Europe. In the season of 1997 and 1998, Litmanen who got full free to attack had 5 goals in 25 games. His efficiency is amazing.

In 1999, Litmanen left Ajax the club that he played for years and he joined Barcelona to continue his soccer career. During the period that he played for Barcelona, Litmanen is still a core player in the team. Wearing his No. 10 shirt, he contributed his final peak power to Barcelona. In 2001, Litmanen left Barça and stayed in Liverpool for a while. In 2002, Litmanen returned to Ajax and played for the club where his dream began for two years. He took part in many leagues among Finland, England and Sweden and finally ended his glorious career in Helsinki in 2011.

In the game, Litmanen’s comprehensive ability is 90. Although his speed is less quick than that of his peak, his speed still reaches standard. Each attacking value is average, which proves that the game highly restore the all-around attacking of the real Litmanen. He is not only good at passing and dribbling but also has excellent performance in attacking. Even the finishing reaches 91. Therefore he is absolutely an all-round attacker with excellent shooting.


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