FIFA 18 Guide: FIFA 18 Defensive Skills and Points

FIFA 18 new players may neglect defensive skills when they learn to attack, which leading to the losing of the ball. Next, we will talk about the basic operation and key points of defense. I hope it helps.
Basic operation
Y key: call out the goalkeeper;
X key: sliding tackle and interception;
B key: tackle/grabbing (when chasing the ball holder);
A key: pursue and attack the ball holder automatically
LB key: switch players;
RB key: the whole team pursue and attack the ball holder automatically;
LT key: the player spreads out the arms and moves laterally to intercept the driveway of the ball holder;
RT key: running
Left rocker: moving
Cross key: tactics;
Defense key points:
1.Steal: in the FIFA 18, steals are not the same as before. It has strength trough. The longer you press, the much powerful and the slower he is, and the easier to be passed. So I advice two square of power. Or you just ignore the power. Click quickly and do not keep pressing.
2.Apply of L2: in the position defense, press L2/LT, and follow the semi-circle to push the left rocker to return back to defense(there is the rocker operation detail in the video )
3.Automatic follow-up defense: The previous automatic defense was basically useless. Bu in the FIFA 18, automatic defense become very effective. Now you can press the key to make your player defense automatically. Notice: do not keep pressing for more than 2 seconds, otherwise you will be passed by cross over. Press-release-press again.
4.Sliding tackle: there are two cases:
a.Front defense, and you have a 100% chance to steal the ball;
b.The last sliding tackle of the last defense line.
5.Coordinated defense: call your teammates to help you block the passing route;
6. switch player: Be sure you master the right rocker and switch player quickly. If you can't change the position at a time, you can use the L1/LB as a transition.
Defensive principle must block the passing route(use roght rocker to switch defense player quickly)
2.Call centre filed player back to defense
3.Block the goal with erect position and sliding tackle.

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