FIFA 19: You Need To Know About 6 Rumours Part 1

Trawl any number of gaming forums online, find a FIFA-related thread and you're likely to spot comments from long time series fans claiming they won't pick up the latest title until it's in the sales. Probe further and you'll learn that these gamers dislike the 'annual update' feel of EA's footy franchise, because they don't think it offers enough significant improvement year-on-year.

Those arguments could be about to become moot.

Rumours are circulating about FIFA 19 faster than some Neymar transfer talk, and it looks like EA are pondering radical changes that will alter their long-running series forever. How much of this gossip becomes reality remains to be seen, but it could make 19 the most intriguing FIFA release in years.

Whether these rumours end up coming to fruition or not, you need to know about them. The way you play FIFA may well be about to shift for good. There's a revolution incoming...

1. Changes To 'Dynamic Weather'

They're starting with something that was supposed to be in FIFA 18.

Remember all that talk of how 'dynamic weather' would change the way FIFA played? It sounded so good on paper, and footy fans instantly started thinking about how sudden bursts of heavy rain could help their League Two side overcome Premier League opposition in key cup games, or how differently matches around the world might play.

In the end, it all boiled down to 'showers'. That was the only weather option in-game that (sort of) reflected EA's initial vision, and it turns out they weren't too happy about it. Popular FIFA site dreamteamfc claim that the developers will focus on making weather a more important component this year.

They better, because Konami beat them to it with PES. There, weather actually does have an impact on how matches play out. EA can't afford to hype features like this then not come through with them once the game is released, especially if major rivals are going to nail it.

2. The Chinese Super League Could Be Added

FIFPlay, another website dedicated to EA's franchise, recently ran a poll to see which leagues players want added to FIFA 19's lineup. The results may shock you.

The Czech First League was third with 68,336 votes. Above that, the UAE Pro-League placed second with 69,774 and the Chinese Super League took home the crown with 75,088 votes. Other divisions of note in the top 10 included India’s I-League, the Women’s Bundesliga and Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but FIFPlay suggest every single playable league in FIFA should have a lower division attached to it too. The thrill of promotion and relegation battles keeps thing fresh, and it is pretty dull to win the Eredivisie every year against the same teams (for example) without any changes.

The CSL has been a big-money league for a few years now. Though it doesn't have the same high profile of the Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga, it does have merit. Let's hope EA are paying attention; if they want to make FIFA 19 is the most comprehensive football experience on the market, they have to include everything they can.

Or, they could just let Konami gobble up the rights to China's top league instead.

3. Kissing The Old-Gen Goodbye?

Way back in 2013, EA Sports pledged to support Xbox 360 and PS3 until 2017 at least. That means FIFA 18 could be the final entry in the series to hit last-gen hardware. Fans on social media are guessing that EA will wave goodbye to 360 and PS3 to focus more on the current-gen consoles and further development of the franchise on Nintendo Switch.

This would be the first time since FIFA 06 that a FIFA game hasn't been released on either of Microsoft or Sony's old systems, and it feels a bit like the end of an era.

FIFA 18's release on both was dubbed a "Legacy Edition". The graphics were (obviously) stripped down, but there were no new gameplay improvements over 17 either. That meant 360/PS3 players were handed some transfer/kit updates and little else.

EA haven't announced yet whether or not they're ready to leave the last generation behind. It'd make sense though. Both Xbox One and PS4 are available in cheaper bundle deals than ever before, and that makes them more affordable to gamers who had previously decided to cling onto their precious 360 and PS3 systems.

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