FIFA 18 Career Mode Guide Part 2

Best bargains

Tight on cash? We’ve scoured the footballing globe and unearthed the hidden bargains you might not know about – all cost less than £2m. Who says you need to spend big to get quality?

Anton Mitryushkin
OVR: 69
Potential: 82
Price: £1.55m - £2m
Club: FC Sion

Bargain keepers are hard to come by in FIFA 18, but Anton Mitryushkin is a real steal. Costing less than £2m and with great potential, he’s ideal for a lower league team, or a mid-table side looking for a future starter.

He plays in Switzerland for FC Sion, well away from the searching eyes of the big clubs, so you should have no trouble snapping him up.

Marc Cucurella
OVR: 68
Potential: 86
Price: £1.4m - £1.85m
Club: FC Barcelona B

Marc Cucurella is a brilliant buy if you’re after a pacy wing back who can run all game long. His 86 potential also means he could become an absolute superstar.

His exceptional stamina means he can play game after game, which in turn makes for quick growth, so it should be too long before he hits the lofty heights of his potential.

Oriol Busquets
OVR: 66
Potential: 85
Price: £670,000 - £1.15m
Club: FC Barcelona B

Despite sharing a position, surname and club as the famous Sergio Busquets, Oriol Busquets is of no relation. That doesn’t mean he can’t reach the same lofty heights as his talented namesake, though.

With strength, heading and tackling ability, plus an impressive 85 potential rating, Busquets is a future midfield general who can be picked up for peanuts if you get him early enough.

Angel Gomes
OVR: 64
Potential: 89
Price: £830,000 - £1.2m
Club: Manchester United

Significant buzz has been generated around Angel Gomes, and it’s easy to see why. He’s been hugely impressive at youth tournaments, making his under-18 debut when he was just 14, and that’s reflected in the game with his incredible 89 potential.

He’s got supreme balance and is equally adept at dribbling, passing or shooting, so you can play him right across the midfield. That flexibility and immense potential make his price tag look ridiculously cheap.

Ben Brereton
OVR: 66
Potential: 85
Price: £1.2m - £1.45m
Club: Nottingham Forest

There are a lot of reasons to like Ben Brereton in FIFA 18. He’s absolutely rapid, making him ideal if you love playing through balls so your striker can get behind the defence. He’s tall and fairly strong too, making him a decent target man. And he can dribble too.

But best of all is his combination of 85 potential and rock bottom price. It’s possible to get him for around £1m, which is a fantastic price for someone of his future ability. He’ll tear it up in the lower leagues and would make an excellent super-sub for bigger clubs while he develops.

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