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2018 FIFA World Cup: Portugal vs Spain Part 1

By cheapfifacoins, 2018-05-24

MOSCOW - Spain and Portugal, the last two European champions, were sold on Friday to meet in the first round of the World Cup, one day after Russia opens the tournament in one of the easiest groups of competition.

The Russians will play their first match at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on June 14 against Saudi Arabia - the only team ranked lower than the hosts. Egypt and Uruguay are also in Group A.

Defensive champion Germany will play first against Mexico in Group F and then face Sweden and South Korea. Five-world World Cup Brazil is in Group E with Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Groups of the World Cup of FIFA 2018

"None of us wanted an easy group," said Mexican doorman Guillermo Ochoa. "If you play the World Cup, you want to face the best. And if you want to reach the end, you have to play great matches."

Spain, who has eliminated Portugal in the last 16 on the way to win its first World Cup in 2010, will open against the European champions on June 15 in Sochi. Group B also includes Morocco and Iran.

Iceland, the country with the smallest population of the 32 World Cup teams, was designed with Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria in Group D. Another beginner, Panama, will take England, Tunisia and Belgium in Group G.

Peru, the last of the 32 teams to qualify for Russia, is in Group C with 1998, France, Australia and Denmark champion.

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Paying homage this year in Russia

Adidas, the sportswear maker, was behind many of the most striking designs that became "real icons in soccer," said director of design director Juergen Rank in a statement.
The company, he says, wants to "celebrate these icons in today's world," and so many of Adidas's designs this year pay homage to the past with retro-influenced kits.
"(Fans) have a desire for authenticity and progress," says Rank. "They want something they are going to identify, but at the same time we need to keep the newest and new technologies today. We bring together the needs for the players and fans together."
The design for Spain's kit this year, for example, tribute to one of the nation's most famous t-shirts in the 1994 World Cup.

During the 1994 kit of Spain (to the right) does not represent the most successful World Cup in the history of the country, it was a unique design at the time.
During that year was not the most successful in the history of Spain, the t-shirt, with three stripes made up of yellow and marine diamonds, was unique and was used as it likes Pep Guardiola, Miquel Nadal and Luis Enrique.
This year, Adidas brought it back - though not without controversy.

Adidas has redesigned the 1994 World Cup in Spain for a competition this year in Russia.
This year's kit has been incorporated into the strips that sit closer, causing a possible optical illusion that makes the navy appear purple. Some have argued that it looks like the republican flag - used by anti-monarchists. However, Spanish officials insist that a connection is not intended.

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Croatia, 1998
Then is the famous Croatian red and white spot spot - immediately recognizable and unlike anyone else in soccer.

The Croatia had a wonderful red and white cooked kit at the 1998 World Cup.
During each kitone the design was incorporated - based on the Croatian weapon, the Sahovnica - the 1998-based Kit designed by Especially is among the fans.
Not only for being the kit the young country was taking third place in their first World Cup, but also to capture the unforgettable game by Davor Suker who went on to win the Golden Ship after winning six goals in seven matches.
Cameroon suit suit
Over the years, some kits have been banned due to designs overlapping the limits of FIFA's strict rules in its 104-page Equipment Regulator guide
This includes Puma's complete costume spent by Cameroon in the 2004 Nations Cup of Nations.

Puma's Cuban suit for the 2004 Nations Cup of Nations was banned by FIFA not to follow its regulation guide.
FIFA said it was illegal to not separate the shirts and short and to prevent the costume. Cameroun ignored the order and played in it again during the quarter finals against Nigeria - leading to a six-point deduction for its 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign and $ 154,000 fine.
While Puma took FIFA to court and the points were restored, the FIFA ban was confirmed, and the one piece was never seen on the field again. It was not the first time that Puma and Cameroon strained the rules - in 2002 the team also tried to wear sleeveless clothing that had to eat sleeves.

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The Best FIFA 18 Game Control Keys

By cheapfifacoins, 2018-05-16

Ball - Corner & out of bounds

X key: corner ball - long distance ball

Click 2 times on X key: corners - low cross

Click 2 times on X key: corners - ground cross

A key: corners - pass

A key: short throw in

Y key: short throw in (manual)

X key: long throw-in

A right joystick + direction: mobile receiver (when throwing)

Left joystick: aiming when kicking / movement along

LB key: change player / mobile receiver

LT key: make player pass

The X key +A key or the A key +X key: dummy a pass

Set ball - penalty

B key: shot

RB key +B key: skilled shot

The LB key +B key: chip shot

Right joystick + direction: goalkeeper's save

Left joystick + direction: goalkeeper's moving to the left and right / angle selection for free throw

Left joystick: adjust the start position / curl when running up

B key: apply shooting force

Right rocker: aiming / panning

Right joystick + direction: goalkeeper's diving save

Left joystick + direction: goalkeeper moves around to left and right

Football journey - without attack

A key: call for pass / cross

Y key: call for or suggest through ball

B key: suggest shot

Professional player model goalkeeper - attack without ball

A key: call for or suggest pass

Y key: suggest through ball

X key: suggest cross

B key: recommend shot

Back key: toggle camera target

Professional player model goalkeeper - defence of gate

Right jockey + a certain direction: save

A key + one direction: save

LB keys press and hold: automatic positioning

LT + left joystick: slow movement and facing ball:

Y key: charge/punch

X key: dive at feet

B key: anticipation save

RB keys hold down: second defender contain

Back key: toggle camera target

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