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Many of the tasks in Far Cry 5 require the player to trigger certain conditions, but we don't know what the triggering node is, so I will bring you Far Cry 5 event nodes and easy task analysis.

This game, very annoying one thing is to worry about missing the task, so I opened a file for testing, do not do any tasks before liberation (unless forced), only by saving civilians. Killing VIP and other means to accumulate resistance points, record Force the triggered task on each node until the zone is liberated and then clean up the task to see how much will be missed.

First declare the test environment

Platform: PC

Version: 1.09

During the version upgrade process, it seems that the watch has been adjusted for some tasks. For example, the task of destroying 14 silos in the Dutch Valley “completely blown up”. It was possible to play one by one after liberation, but recently opened several times. It’s all the moments of the liberation of the Dutch Valley, and it’s a second, so the follow-up version may have some tasks that are inconsistent with the results of this test.

In addition, because the archive confirmation node is often rolled back, this archive is mostly done with Uplay offline.

Dutch Valley

1900 warning 1

2500 Rebellion Level 1. The squad mission "Valley Armed Forces Team" is open (can be completed at any time. The same below)

3400 arrest 1. Forcibly enter the main line task "purification"

4750 main line task "Autumn Town" scrapped

6100 Warning 2

7000 Resistance Level 2

8200 arrested 2. Forcibly entered the main line task "repentance"

10600 Warning 3

13000 Rebellion Level 3. Catch 3. Forcibly enter the main line mission "Atonement"; Main line mission "Attack fuel fleet", "Revelator", "Bird and Beast" Retire

I always thought that after being arrested and entering the “purification”, “Qiuwei Town” would be reimbursed. After the “purification” was completed, I saw that the task was still there. I was forced to do it on the spot, and I went to the end of the autumn to see the cult. The cult is still fighting. Grab. Mary Sister and Pastor Jay are still kneeling.

Until the number of points 4750. The voice of Mary's sister came from the intercom.

Another accident was that the "attack fuel fleet" could not be activated. After completing the "widow making machine", Mary Sister would introduce the task in the intercom, but could not play the task prompt. It could not be activated. The task list was not updated, it may be Another small bug, and because this task is scrapped. The subsequent "revelers" are also finished.


 Sensitive missions in the Dutch Valley

1.Fall's End

Publisher: Dao Qi

Description: Liberation of the late autumn town

Return (ie the number of resistance points raised after completing the mission): 900

For safety reasons, it is recommended to rebel points before the completion of 4500.

  1. Good Samaritan

Publisher: Jie Long

Description: Woodson pig farm saves civilians

Return: 600 + 50 * 3 (3 civilians)

This mission is the "bird and beast" predecessor mission. The return is the theoretical point.

3.The Scattered Flock

Publisher: Jie Long

Description: Rescue 14 civilians in the Dutch Valley

Return: 600 + 50 * 14

4.The Widowmaker

Publisher: Mary. plum

Description: Cylinder granary grabs widow making machine

Mission reward points: 600 + 50 * 1 (1 cult VIP. Can not kill)

5.Hit the Gas

Publisher: Mary. plum

Description: Grab two cult tankers back to the end of autumn town

Return: 600 + 75 * 2

6.The Revelator

Publisher: Mary. plum

Description: Destroy the cult reloading vehicle

Return: 900

Beiwei Mountain Area

1900 arrested 1. Forced to enter the main line task "weak world"

2500 Rebellion Level 1. The squad mission "Mountain Armed Forces" opens

3400 Warning 1

5150 arrested 2. Forced to enter the main line task "Strong is the only way"

6000 Resistance Level 2

7000 arrested 3. Forced to enter the main line task "sacrifice the weak"

10000 arrest 4. Forced entry to the main line task "Only you"; Main line task "missing in action", "search and rescue", "freedom" scrap

This area is not a big surprise. The three missions of killing Matt’s head are Eli’s three reimbursement.

In addition, there are rumors that the "mountain armed fleet" will be scrapped during liberation, which I have been skeptical about. It is now confirmed that this task can be done at any time.

Sensitive tasks in the Beiwei Mountains

Missing in Action

Publisher: Eli

Description: Save the visitor center and the hostage of the Hawkeye Tunnel

Return: 600 + 50 * 6

2.Search and Rescue

Publisher: Eli

Description: Rescue 20 civilians in the Beiwei Mountain area

Return: 900 + 50 * 20

3.Get Free

Publisher: Eli

Description: Haojing Hotel replaces the tape

Return: 900

Hengben River

400 blessing 1

500 arrested 1. Forced to enter the main line task "faith of faith"

2500 Rebellion Level 1. The squad mission "Armed Ships in the River" opens

3400 Blessing 2. Capture 2, forced to enter the main line mission "bliss", "Hope County Prison"

7000 Resistance Level 2

8200 Blessing 3. Capture 3. Forced to enter the main line task "Ignorance is blessing"

11800 Warning 1

13000 arrested 4. Forced to enter the main line task "cruel lesson"

First of all, the results of multiple tests. The capture node has a slight difference every time. The reason is unknown, here is one of the results of my test. For reference only.