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rainbow 1.jpg

Operation method: first determine the direction of the face, and make the standard in the direction of the face. Push the right rocker down and push it up twice.

rainbow 2.gif

Neymar took the ball in the middle circle, the two defenders in the back, a defender in front, and there was a huge gap behind the defender in front. I decisively used the rainbow to pass the ball and kicked the defender who was forced to grab it. Blocking, it will be a foul, it is likely to let opponents eat cards.

rainbow 3.gif

In this case, using rainbows is too difficult to be blocked, either passed or fouled.

rainbow 4.gif

After Neymar got the ball on the edge of the penalty area, there was only one defender in front of him, and behind him was the big gap in the bottom line, and I happened to be 2-3 positions with him. Get to the bottom line quickly, then pass the middle and finish the score.

Also in the front line of the penalty area, the opponent player has only one defender staring at Neymar. At this time, I am 2-3 feet away from him, and I judge that he is about to come and steal me. Of course, the most important thing is that the defender Behind him is a neutral.

Remember, the gap is large, in order to release the rainbow. After I cast a rainbow, I passed the Ding Ding to the score and finished the score.

I believe that after reading the above demonstrations, everyone has a new understanding of when the rainbow has been released.

Make up a rainbow defensive end app.

rainbow 5.gif

Here, after Marcelo took the ball, the opposite side has started to mad dog flow all over the place, I can defeat the opposite mentality in order not to be broken. In the case of determining that the gap is sufficient, boldly use Marcelo to use the rainbow, and after the opposite, the game will be suspended soon.

Therefore, I am good at using rainbows. In addition to being beautiful on the offensive end, there are two great uses.

  1. Restrict the flow of mad dogs.
  2. Fighting the opposite mentality.

to sum up

  1. Rainbow is the first to determine the direction in which the player faces, otherwise the wrong button will be pressed.
  2. Rainbow is too popular, you need to have a huge gap behind the defender.
  3. Before the rainbow passes, you need to maintain 2-3 positions.
  4. Rainbow is extraordinary, the most perfect situation is that you can actively judge the opponent's defensive players have a tendency to steal.

I have a great sense of accomplishment when I use a successful rainbow. I wish you all the best in this movement. You can learn more FIFA 19 tips on and get cheap game CDKeys on