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Do you need a new comb binding machine for your office? If you do, one product that you should consider is the electric Fellowes Galaxy E. This is a high-quality device that you're going to love. Here's everything you need to know about its capabilities, special features, appearance, and price and warranty. Check it out so you can become fully informed.  1.)    Punching. One really great things about the Galaxy E is that it can punch up to 25 sheets of paper at a time. This is a great punching capacity for any binding machine and it really helps make this device stand out. Just adjust the depth of the margin for a stronger binding and your pages will be punched vertically for better results.

Also, this machine has disengageable punching pins so you won't be stuck working only with letter-sized documents.  2.)    Binding. The Galaxy E is compatible with binding combs of all thicknesses, including the largest ones that are 2 inches across. The 2-inch combs can bind documents that contain up to 425 pages, so you'll be able to produce quality work of varying lengths. This machine even has a comb selector so finding the right spine for your document will be a snap.  3.)    Special features. The Galaxy E has some great special features that you'll appreciate. For one thing, it has a comb storage tray that's really handy as it will keep all of your supplies in one place. The chip tray can be accessed from the from of the device, making it much easier to get rid of your paper chips. (And to reduce the risk of Semi auto blowing madchine PET bottle jar 5L making a mess.) Also, each machine comes with a binding starter kit to get you started. (The kit contains combs and covers.)  4.)  

 Appearance. This device would be great for both small and large workplaces because it's very powerful but it won't take over your entire office. It measures approximately 7 (height) x 20 (weight) x 18 (depth). Also, this machine looks really contemporary and it will fit in nicely among your other office devices (computers, printers, etc.).  5.)    Price and warranty. This machine isn't too expensive. You'll be able to get it for less than $700.00. That's a small price to pay for a high-quality device such as this one. The warranty is also great: it lasts for 2 years.  The Fellowes Galaxy E is an excellent comb binding machine for a variety of different work environments. This machine will help you punch and bind all of your important documents, whether they only contain a few pages or are 2 thick. The special features are nice additions, especially the comb storage tray and the inclusion of a binding starter kit. The kit will assist you in getting started and you won't have to spend a lot of money on supplies right away. This device isn't too large and it's not super expensive either, plus the 2-year warranty is great. The Galaxy E is a wonderful product, so get it for your office today.

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