The use of hook swords gets a cross culture infusion with the issue

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The Chinese Hook Sword, also known as a Shuanggou, is one of many exotic types of exotic Chinese weapons that were traditionally employed by many northern styles of Chinese martial arts. It has also been known as the tiger hook sword (qian kun ri yue dao - "Heaven and Sun Moon Sword). It combines the blade elements of a jian, but a bit thicker, with what is known as in Western culture as a Shepherd's Crook - the hook part. This weapon is often used in a pair, thus presenting the product of  China Product Case Suppliers  twin Chinese hook swords.

What Makes the Twin Chinese Hook Swords Special?There are five basic elements that comprise hook swords including:* Sword back which acts as a regular blade* The actual hook that is used as a tripping device or weapon catch as well as its more obvious employment for slashing enemies* The hilt end acts as a sharpened dagger* The sword has a crescent-shaped hand guard that is used both during blocking and slashing* When tow are used as a linked pair, the sword reach is significantly extended - almost an additional six feet, so the hilt dagger on the extended hook sword slashes at any enemy effectively extending the wielder's reach from three to six feet.Movements of Grace and StyleTypical Twin Chinese Hook Swords movements originated in Northern Chinese Martial Arts styles such as Shaolin and the Seven-Star Mantis. It became such a popular weapon choice that eventually was adapted by some southern Chinese Martial Arts schools including Choy Lay Fut. Because this weapon produces such pronounced and gracefully flashy routines, techniques are taught that include the linking of a pair of swords that produce wielding movements as if it were one weapon. These techniques take a great deal of practice to learn and, perhaps, many years of instruction under the guidance of an established sword master. There is some historical reference that these weapons were strictly used as civilian preference since there is no listing as part of any official Chinese army armament.Product Placement PaysDue to its unique look and exotic style wielding movements, hook swords have appeared in many modern-day instances including action toys, movies and action computer-based video games such as Mortal Kombat where both the characters of Kabal and Mavado use the same pair of swords. In the Mortal Kombat television series, the legions of Scorpion wield hook swords. Additionally, Hasbro Toys put out a line of Mortal Kombat action figures holding hook swords in the 1990s. The use of hook swords gets a cross-culture infusion with the issue of a GI Joe Ninja figure also wielding a pair of hook swords.

The character Shulien wields a pair of hook swords in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon doing battle against Jen Yu.Great Wall HangingThe unique look of a pair of hook swords makes for great wall hangings or proudly displayed over the mantel of a fireplace. The product comes as a set of two swords that are constructed of stainless steel at 33.25 inches long with cord wrapped handles.

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