China has been formed a lot of pepperproduction bases

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The chili is an important economic crop,due to the rapid development of transportation, China has been formed a lot of pepperproduction bases, peppers had become the main economic crops and an importantsource of income in many parts. Consumer groups increases, the consumption alsoincreases, China has large population, for a long time had formed a uniqueconsume habits, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi are the famousspicy areas, have a very large demand for pepper. Due to the frequent mobility,there is not exist spicy and non-spicy food areas, spicy food  China Gunpowder Tea 01 Exporter  groupsincreasing.

Around the world, on the one hand, due to the accelerated pace ofwork, simple and fast food developing rapidly, on the other hand, humans requirementsof health food, there has been appear the low-fat, spicy foods, make people'seating habits changed, at present, about 3/4 of people eat pepper or chiliproducts in the world. The pepper achieved balanced supply annually.Pepper as important industrial raw materials,not only is an eaten fresh vegetable, but also the condiment and importantnatural pigments, pharmaceutical raw materials and otherindustrial raw materials. Chili powder, chili oil and chili products is thetraditional processing products, have a certain reputation in the internationalmarket. Peppers contain a variety of chemicals to maintain the body's normalphysiological function and enhance the body resistance and activities, have acertain effect on many diseases, in recent years, capsaicin in pharmacologicalstudies have rapidly developing, chili has become an important pharmaceuticalraw materials. Capsanthin is important natural pigments, with bright color,varied colors, good stability, no side effects to people, the developedcountries such as the United States, Japan and many other countries were ruledthe food can unboundedly use capsanthin, in addition, capsanthin is also theimportant pigment of medicine capsules, tablets, sugar-coated and senior cosmetic.At present, the chili used for processing spicy types foods and dried forprocessing dark red peppers cultivation area is   rapidlyincreasing, have the trend to exceed bell pepper.Capsaicinmanufacturer said, capsaicin in chili mainly havefive kinds: capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, drop dihydrocapsaicin, high capsaicin,high dihydrocapsaicin. Various capsaicin have different spiciness value, which thecapsaicin, dihydro capsaicin is the main ingredient to affect the spiciness,these two substances account for 90% of the total capsaicinoids content, andthe spicy is stronger than other capsaicin.The data show that chili in recent decadeshas become one of the largest consumption of fruit and vegetable in the world,its trade volume has exceeded coffee and tea, the global chili and chiliproducts is up to more than 1,000 species.

Chinese pepper acreage has 1.3million hectares and annual production capacity is 27 million tons, achieve 27billion yuan output value, the spicy population is up to 500 million,accounting for 40% of the country's population. China has become the pepperproduction and consumption country ranks first in the world, an annual tradevolume of chili and chili products are more than 98 billion yuan annually.Source:

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