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Cobalt Alloy is a leading Cobalt Chromium Alloy powder metallurgy parts manufacturer, focusing on providing market-leading technologies and products, cobalt alloy manufacturing, stellite casting and powder metallurgy components in growth markets. These products and new technologies benefit customers by improving their product performance, productivity, life-span, and also by providing solutions to a more severe environment. A company with over 20 years of researching and developed cobalt alloy, TOP has a global footprint more than 30 countries. The company invested over USD300,000 in R&D and released developing innovative and customer-oriented products and services every year.

Our factory are specialized in producing and sale wear resistance ,corrosion and high temperature resistance products , such as cutter blade, saw tips, bushing ,valve balls ,valve seat ,extrusion die ,rotor and stator etc. The products are widely used in textile industry, timber industry , oil and gas industry ,auto industry and steel industry .

We have two plants , one is powder metallurgy plant and another is precision casting plant .

More than 90% products are made by powder metallurgy in our plant.

(Dosing )——(mixture powders, crushing )——(pressing ) —— sintering)——(machining )

NOTE:We can accept customer made products , the new mould need 20 days to finish.

If you wanna konw more information, please contact Shenyang Top New Material Co.,Ltd

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