Outlook Not Sending Emails With Attachments How to Fix it?

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Outlook Not Sending Emails With Attachments How to Fix it?

Outlook is a very well-known webmail service provider. This application is trusted by its millions of active users. It is a personal information manager web app from Microsoft consisting of various interesting features such as; webmail, calendars, contacts, task services and more. It is very popular in the sector because it allows people to function and manage their email and accounts very smoothly and efficiently without getting messed up between all the features shown. 

So, apart from all these benefits offered by Outlook many people complain that they are unable to send emails from Outlook 2010. Here, we will discuss this issue and will help you resolve it too. You just have to keep in mind that you should have the access to your Email ID and Password. So, let us get started with how you can resolve this issue.

Steps for Fixing Outlook Not Sending Emails:

  • Check whether you are exceeding the minimum capacity for extensions or not. If so, then you should definitely reduce your files or whatever it is that you are sending through your extensions
  • Check your web server. Well, this one is not a very common issue that causes issues with email attachments. Yet, some people could resolve their issues by fixing their server settings
  • Check your internet connection. This is a very common problem. Sometimes we think that we are unable to send an email due to other complicated reasons while the problem lies in the internet connectivity. So, if this is the issue you need to fix it. 

Thus, the first point mentioned in the solutions is mostly the case where people are unable to send emails with attachments because their attachments are too heavy for outlook to send. Therefore, this how you can fix this issue otherwise the next option that you have is to go to outlook.com and look for troubleshooting issues and type in; ‘how do if fix outlook not sending emails’ or ‘how do I fix the email sending problem

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