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user image 2007-07-09
By: ozzfan
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Dawn of Grace started in April of 2007 when Marc (lead guitarist) was inducted by Steve (bass) and Joe (drums). Steve and Joe had been friends their whole lives, and Marc had known Steve through gym class. When Marc first practiced with the at the time no-name band, they were amazed how well he could play, and Marc as well was really impressed with the raw talent of Steve and Joe. The common interest in classic and contemporary metal music the 3 members had made them decide to first practice with songs such as &quot;For Whom The Bell Tolls&quot; by Metallica, soon they would have some originals written and played, and Dawn of Grace was born! <br /><br />After 3 weeks of hard work, on Wednesday May 9th Dawn of Grace had played their first show at Carl Sandburg Highschool. Steve, Marc, and Joe had been a segment in Sandburg&#39;s after school event which was referred to as the &quot;Coffeehouse&quot; or &quot;Renaissance Night&quot;, in which other bands, comedians, and entertainers performed also. As Steve recalls that night - &quot;We just started playing together 3 weeks ago! When I saw the advirtisment asking for bands and performers, I asked Marc and Joe and we knew we were ready to perform live. All of us were freaked out about whether the audience that night would like us or not, but we gave it our all and put on one hell of a show, but I do give a lot of respect to the other bands that played to.&quot; This is no understatement either, in fact students and adults alike at the event were begging for an encore after their first performance, and even after the band left they were still talking about them! The show&#39;s radiance is summed up by the band&#39;s official filmmaker Bill Bryan - &quot;The first show was incredible, the energy that the band had gone throughout the entire audience and had them screaming! Actually, to show how well the performance was, the band was able to energize some audience members to create a mosh pit, alls I had to say to Steve before the show was &#39;If you can get a mosh pit started at a coffeehouse-thats power, thats talent&#39; , after the show however I was so impressed alls I could do was shake the band members&#39; hands and say &#39;two words, HOT DAMN RIGHT!&#39; The show the band puts on is nothing short of remarkable, and Steve, Marc, and Joe alike have truly given a good name to their stage presance, talent, and overall charisma.&quot; <br /><br />The members of Dawn of Grace are going to continue to work at performing, and hope to grow more and reach out to more people. Chances are they will be creating new material faster than it can be recorded, so as with any performer, its more impressive to see them perform live! Steve, Marc and Joe are willing to perform any venue and will continue to do nothing short of put on an incredible show, and of course ROCK ON!

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