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I am a producer mucision songwriter I write and produce all my own material and play all the instuments I have been in and around music all my life played in bands had my own bands but all that was to limmiting you see for me as in life as in music there are no bounderies only our own imaginations and my head is in many different musical places this reflects in my music

there are many mansions in my head

true there not all in the wright places

still id rather be me

because while your locked in your virtual reality

I still smell the sea and see the sky

the mirror may be cracked

but its still a reflection of me that i see

My aim is to fuse an ambient soundscape of electro/acc music with jazzy soul and rock overtones mixing live solos samples loops programing and live percusion and drums luckily my two clossest friends are very talenred vocalists and they add the soul to my lyrics some people pray some chant I make music

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