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Most of us are aware of some of the reasons that people are attracted to making music, the varieties and combinations of reasons are sometimes myriad and complex.  And then there are those that are simply compelled to make music from something deep inside, those whose love of making music is innate.  Such is the case with Deborah Thurlow.  Here is an artist that reaches deep to withdraw emotional gems that, like an alchemist, she then translates into beautiful sounds and words that in turn touches our own humanity. This compelling artist is truly dedicated to the art of making music and is constantly searching its limits and stretching its boundaries.  She is not only technically accomplished but melodically inventive and soulful, a resolute searcher of the limits of musical expression, and now she is again heading into new territory as an accomplished singer and songwriter, all of which is amply demonstrated on her new single “Where Were You?”and on her soon to be released full CD, Collage.


. . . combine the Dalai Lama with Berlioz, throw in some Hebraic influence . . . Deborah Thurlow uses an eclectic mix of instruments, from the shofar to the Tibetan singing bowl, . . . [with] a strong electronic influence.”Ian Wagstaff for Horn Magazine


Composer/horn player/vocalist/songwriter/music educator, multi-talented Deborah Thurlow has been virtually a contemporary Magellan of modern music.  Since earning an MFA degree from SUNY Purchase in 1993 she has released seven recordings, exploring some of the avant-garde fringes of the eclectic musical present and future.   She has stretched the limits of tonality, while combining acoustic and electric instruments from various cultures to computer generated sounds, to create a fascinating pallet of sonority and ambience.  Also, in her compositions she has frequently alternated between written passages and contemporary classical and jazz improvisation.  Deborah Thurlow has always been a restless explorer of new sonorities and now, with her new single and soon to be released album, she is reaching out into new territory again.  This time out Deborah is showcasing her soulful vocal and unique songwriting talents to exemplary heights.


Deborah is a freelance musician in the New York City area and in Europe.  She starred in her own one act play with music, The Creative Void Of The Planet Earth, which was featured in an Equity Showcase run of seven performances by the New Media Repertory Company under the direction of Miranda MacDermot.  She has also performed with the Pina Baush Ballet Company, Franz Kaman, David Amram, Anthony Davis, and The New York Composers Orchestra, to name but a few.  She studied both composition and orchestration with John Corigliano at Lehman College and has received grants from Meet the Composer, ASCAP Awards, William Petshek Music Fund and the Puffin Cultural Foundation.  Her modern classical/jazz works are published with Ensemble Publications/Nichols Music Company and DSM Producers who cater to the film and TV industry exclusively.


As a music educator Deborah teaches privately, at public schools, colleges and neighborhood performing arts schools.  She devotes much of her time to teaching music to underprivileged youths while continuing to pursue her music career in a way that inspires her students as well as her fans.  Be sure and keep an ear out for her soon to be released single “Where Were You?” and her upcoming CD release, Collage.


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