About DeepSix

Launched in Fall 2005, DeepSix offers a unique blend of Classic, Modern & Alternative Rock as well as Rockin Modern Country.

From Collective Soul to Kenny Chesney to AC/DC to Red Hot Chili Peppers to 3 Doors Down to ZZ Top to Toby Keith to John Mellencamp to Led Zeppelin to Green Day to Big & Rich - DeepSix delivers them all with spot on vocals and instrumentation!

Whether at a Club, Festival or Corporate Event, DeepSix offers the widest variety of music, all wrapped in a live show that has seen audiences grow with each performance!

If you like a little Redneck with your Rock & Roll, check out DeepSix where: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOW!






AC/DC; KennyChesney; Pearl Jam; Led Zeppelin;Collective Soul; Big & Rich




Country Car Show Kickoff Party

Country Car Show Kickoff Party

Sunday July 22 2007, 3:00 AM
@ 2 S 111 Green Rd. - Elburn, IL
SPONSOR PARTY That's open to the public! Free Eats and performance by DeepSix! info@
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