Rick began tinkering with the piano at the age of six, and in the coming years he would watch his sisters take lessons, and then when no one was around he would practice the lessons left by his sisters' music teacher, and he has been playing ever since. During those same years he began playing the guitar.

In his late 30's Rick met his soul mate, Lee Darby, who he would later marry. Lee took a deep interest in his music, and convinced him that it was too good to just sit on a shelf. After years of sporadic practice and basic composing, now newly inspired by Lee Darby, Rick again began to take his music seriously.

Realizing that Rick was somewhat restricted by the piano only, Lee introduced Rick to a XP-80, and within hours his baby grand piano and the XP-80 came together as one; Rick was now able to expand the potential of his music without the need for other musicians. Rick prefers to compose alone, and without accompaniment, though he is recently expressing interest in co-writing.

A purist for many years believing in the natural tone of a piano, Rick realized the amazing flexibility of sound offered by the digital keyboard age, and he has now integrated a number of keyboards with the piano and guitar.

Rick has been inspired by an handful of masters over the years, including Victor Borga, Alan Parsons, Chip Davis, Jeff Lynn, Enya, Janis Ian, Maria Callis, BB King, Louie Armstrong, and Nelson Riddle.

Affiliations: Trustee Bay Atlantic Symphony