NBA Live Mobile reach the second season

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NBA Live Mobile reach the second season

NBA Live Mobile is the most popular basketball video game on Android and iOS devices featuring authentic NBA player and team database and update everyday. As the mobile edition of NBA Live on console it can be played anywhere anytime.

Coaches and a new lineup system arrive at NBA Live Mobile
There are several fields that have been remodeled tremendously in this new second season and we could almost be talking about that we are facing a new game. One of the facets that has changed the most has been the alignment: if before we had a mess with the five different ones now we will only concentrate on two the NBA line-up (which has the current players) and the classic one (where there are the legends of the world of basketball). In addition the MED of the bench will be fundamental in the good course of the team.

This new system of alignments is completed with the inclusion of one of the most revered figures of the NBA: the coaches make their appearance in NBA Live Mobile and we can unlock them as if they were players. These coaches have a great weight in our way of playing since each of them have a different training and playing style which will improve our team players. Of course we must bear in mind that not all players are well married in certain styles so we can always see which coach favors our team better and vice versa.

More news of the second season of NBA Live Mobile
This second season that has just started has more relevant news that will change the way we played NBA Live Mobile and if we used to talk about coaches the normal thing now is to do it on training. Like his namesake soccer fan we can now improve our gold and elite players through the use of other players or special training collectibles. The game will no longer be based solely on the traditional exchange of cards but we can give greater importance to players of lower average.

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