How to Fix Pictures Not Loading On Facebook?

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How to Fix Pictures Not Loading On Facebook?

Facebook is widely known as one of the popular free social media platforms that allow its users to make friends, share messages through status, and many more. Often, its users face the issue of Pictures on Facebook not loading on their account though it could be resolved easily. If you are facing such an issue, you must follow the methods down below.

Methods to Fix Pictures On Facebook Not Loading

Method 1:

Verify the status of the face book server. As sometimes, the face book server gets down due to which loading issue can occur. 

Method 2:

Check the Internet Connectivity. Since most of the websites open on slow internet speed, many web pages like images, videos may not load properly. Hence, it is advisable to check the speed of your internet.

Method 3:

Check if images are disabled on your browser. If the images on the browser disabled, they will not be loading any web page at all. So, make sure that images are not disabled in your browser.

Method 4:

Troubleshoot a bad DNS Server. A bad DNS server may be a reason for the issue of pictures not loading. You can resolve this issue by setting up a fixed DNS server address.

Method 5:

Use the command prompt. If the network configuration is corrupt, you may face problem in accessing websites. You must use a few commands in the command prompt to resolve this sort of issue.

Method 6:

Run the network adapter troubleshooter. As network adapter troubleshooter is an excellent tool in order to check for network issues on the system.

Method 7:

Disable Your VPN software and check if it works.

After following the above methods, your issue will be resolved easily.

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In case, if you are still facing the issue of pictures on Facebook not loading, you must try calling one of our Facebook experts right away. Our tech professionals are available 24/7 to provide you all sorts of help regarding Facebook.

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