A human body is an ideally balanced system

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A human body is an ideally balanced system. Every day we consume theenormous amount of food of both vegetable and animal origin, and ourorganism processes it. However, it is not made of empty capsules iron. We eat so muchharmful food, that an organism simply cannot digest it. This results inthe accumulation of slags and, consequently, in the development ofdiseases. You cannot let matters take their course. We need to fightwith slags!

Cleansing an organism from slags at home foresees arenewal and maintenance of correct metabolism by natural means.Foremost, a man must observe a list of rules. These rules include arational eating style, which means eating as much fresh vegetables andfruit as possible, light carbohydrates in the form of honey. A man mustdecrease the amount of consumed cakes, candies, bakery, the meat shouldbe lean. At least once a week eat some fish. It is very important for aman to avoid overeating. The water must be clean and still. Drink fromtwo to two with a half liters per day.

Home cleansing anorganism from slags foresees not only the use of enemas, butapplication of bioactive supplements which include plenty of usefulbacteria.

Another method of home cleansing from slags isclearing with the help of rice. This popular method will help you toegest a superfluous liquid and toxic products of metabolism from abody. Take three tablespoons of brown or rough rice and boil it tosemidoneness. Thirty minutes prior to the eating rice drink one glassof water. After you eat it, do not drink or eat for four hours. Acleansing course takes you a week. Rice adsorbs all toxic matters onits surface and exteriorizes them from the body.

Cleansingorganism with an apple vinegar is another method of fighting withslags. Numerous microelements and organic acids which take the directpart in the metabolism are in an apple vinegar. The normal metabolismprovides the least intensive formation of slags. You can add one - twoteaspoons of an apple vinegar to tea in the morning, on lunch and inthe evening. A cleansing course takes one month, after it take a break.

Awater-melon also helps to clean a liver from slags. Water-melons are tobe eaten with black bread each time you want to drink or eat. In theevening you need to take a warm bath. The warmth dilates urinoexcretoryways, and as well removes spasms. A water-melon increases urination andcauses active diuresis.

There is a wide-known salad which isoften used for cleansing organism from slags in home terms. You need totake two parts of carrot and one part of beet to prepare it. Shred itall finely and add two with a half tablespoons of oil. The salad isready! The beet juice promotes formation of red copuslules, thusimproving the composition of blood. The beet includes also potassiumand chlorine. Potassium provides the normal efficiency of an organism.Chlorine clears liver, kidneys, gall-bladder. Carrot juice cleans allthe circulatory system from slags.

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