Mutombo and Alonzo-Mourning won 2k vc title of the best defensive player

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Accept this challenge. " "He (Green) changed the game like a big player," Peyton added. "When Mutombo and Alonzo-Mourning won the title of the best defensive player, they could send a cover , And change the 2k vc, while Green at 2k vc ends of the offense and defense can change the game, he can defend the defender, but also to defend each other's big players. "When Deremund faces a taller player than he is, he will never let the big man make the same bit when he is with him.He will not keep the other side back to each other back to play their own, He will be through the endless movement to get their own advantage, because he has buying mt ability to cut off the ball his hand quickly, and 2k vc is what he did the best place when your height and weight can not 2k vc with each other You have to do that. " Beijing time on April 20, NBA official announced today that the Grizzlies coach David - Fitzdale because of the Grizzlies VS Spurs G2 after the referee on the referee made improper remarks will be punishable by a fine of 30,000 US dollars.

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