the more embarrassing is that Wei less at 2k vc end of the game offensive efficiency diving

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But the more embarrassing is that Wei less at the end of the game offensive efficiency diving, but even so, he still got the highest single-game score in the history of three pairs, but also the first 50 + triple 2k vc. Thunder today to strengthen the inside attack, Robertson and Gibson after the opening of the assault on the 2k vc inside, Viagra fast break layup, 12-4. On mt coins contrary the rocket is slow, Gibson and Robertson hit, the score becomes 16-4. Helpless D'Antoni can only request a suspension, after the suspension of the Thunder continue to dominate the game, Gibson made two free throws, the small Gordon raid layup. But Westbrook and Grant scored in a row, the Thunder has set a 15-point lead. Williams hit the three-point hemostasis, the rocket then launched a counterattack, with Williams first section before the end of the strong pitcher three points, the Rockets to 26-35 behind.


Compared to the Thunder's bench, the Rockets bench is clearly more powerful, Williams forced into the layup, and assists Beverly corner shot in the third, this time the score has become 40-43, the Rockets only 3 points behind 2k17 coins McDermott played the role of Jones, he scored 8 points to help the Thunder to re-expand the lead advantage. The Rockets had to continue to play the role of chaser, Harden touch porcelain 3 2k vc throws, 54-61.

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