family nba2kmt its own brand to contend with the three major

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After the Bauer family launched its own nba2kmt to contend with the three major sports brands do not want to sign a contract with Lang Zuo decision. Now Langzuo joined the Lakers seems to be a matter of time, Lawa also has more chips. "Now Langzu is going to the nba2kmt, they should do is give me a billion dollars and then let me make a decision," he said, "If they do not talk to me now, the future asking nba2kmt will rise to three billion dollars. That 's the only way they can move me. But if the Celtics really in the first pick to take off the nba2kmt Zuo it? "The truth is that I want Lang to go to the Lakers, but if the Celtics choose him and he wants to play, what do you think? He does not care where to play," Lava said. Of course, the next cheap nba coins are the most far from the future of the club Lang scared.

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