Kobe: Nei Maer outside life to Barcelona inside a headache, if the appropriate offer can be sold

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According to Kobe radio news, Nemal's off-site (how to get Rocket League Trading you can come to lolga) life problem is becoming part of the management of Barcelona heart disease, they think that if there is a suitable offer, can send away the Brazilians.

Earlier this month, many media broke the news that in the previous training class Nemal and Wensouer intense quarrel. The source said the Barcelona assistant was willing to persuade Nemal more concentrated in the game, but Nei Maer but with "he did not me" to respond.

Kobe radio said, in fact, a similar situation is not the first time, many managers within the Barcelona are outside the private life outside the expressed concern.

Kobe radio reporter Dani Senabre revealed that "it is noteworthy that many Barcelona executives want to sell Nemal." As long as the price is right, they think it is not unacceptable at all.
Dani Senabre added that this concern for Nei Maer is actually not uncommon, nearly 10 years ago, Ronaldinho in Barcelona's sinking actually in vain.

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