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Painting Rooms with Darkish Colors

Let’s speak about areas painted Abstract Painting very dark colors – I’m talking darkish, as in chocolate, eggplant or black. Could you stay in one? I such as to imagine that within a parallel
universe We would paint an area within my house a actually dark color. I might do it simply for the particular thrill of accenting the area with dynamic colors within furniture, accessories and specifically artwork.

I grew upward in a house with a dark-chocolate brown powder room. It was the particular 70s and the artwork in the powder space had gold-leaf frames along with avocado velvet liners.Abstract Art We was
just a kid yet even then I has been drawn to this space. Today, I really like looking at images of these strangely attractive rooms because everything is usually so dramatic just because of the paint color

Dark shades appear do-able in natural powder rooms, but what regarding those of you out there residing with dark colors within bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens? How do a person do it?

Dark wall space can be a perfect possibility to showcase artwork Large Abstract Painting
. In case you can play with color you'll create synergy within the room.
Another great sort of how color performs within a dark room. Just the right artwork on the wall could tie up this whole room collectively.

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Abstract Painting Extra Large Canvas Art,Abstract Flower Oil Painting,Modern Art

                                         Artistic interpretation and artistic misreading

In painting and calligraphy appreciation class, I respond to the school advocates the flip of the classroom, students are required to grouping preparing for about 15 minutes of project small courseware, the legitimacy of the main investigation data, accuracy, and presence of subjects, Abstract Art courseware and explanation level, and so on. Most belong to the "encyclopedia" type of common sense, let a person also have access to a large number of literature after eyes of a bright, because have on an academic literature to support feeling, it is a pity that most stayed in carding level not only own prejudices. These industry, of course, there is no breakthrough in the common sense of "research", seems to literature accumulation is more valuable than rough subjects, someone laugh at themselves: we never production knowledge, we are just the porters of knowledge.
The rich cultural heritage of the ancient people is both a treasure and a challenge, whether in paper documents or in calligraphy and painting. Such as a large number of famous paintings and calligraphy, what age? Who is the author? What is the value? Many cultural relics due to the limited information, can't as the World Cup more lens cameras can see true, researchers have to rely on the connoisseur, according to the experience combined with relics, Contemporary Art historical materials with double or multiple interpretation of evidence, such as insufficient evidence would have been in doubt, recent debate "Trinidad Jiang Shantu" is faced with the problem. Named dong yuan's "river bank map", the style of "xiaoxiang map" and "longhu suburb people map" is too different by intuition.
No matter art history, art criticism or art theory, any art interpretation is a process of probing the historical truth as much as possible. In terms of art criticism, has a form, material, mental, prototype, anthropology, and pattern image study and social history Angle, good criticism can help others to admire the art creation and development of art theory, feedback. Freud in refreshing perspective of clinical psychology, analysis the Mona Lisa's facial expression, Abstract Painting Art his hand posture, think love warm model aroused the painter of the Oedipus complex, is also the most sorrowfully memories of the five years, and he left the birth mother. Modernist writing especially symbolism and surrealism, inspired by philosopher Nietzsche, jung is large, for Rio, unconscious, iceberg theory more visual rendering bring immeasurable mysterious and hard to read, suddenly down the posters, theme composition, such as obvious meaning works, than paintings organs of banqiao, and image more obscure, such as qi baishi popular Chinese cabbage.
Philosophical research in the 20th century has a linguistic turn, which to some extent highlights the value and significance of metaphysics's independence and transcendence from the paradigm of human experience. However, some lofty theories and languages may be misinterpreted if they stay away from Minimalist Art. Picasso thought: "cubism is mainly an art of describing forms. When forms are realized, art will survive in forms." He resented the reader's wild interpretation: "mathematics, trigonometry, chemistry, psychoanalysis, music, and others are all associated with cubism, which he said is to make cubism easier to understand. All this is pure talk, even nonsense, and it has a bad effect: to use theory to deceive people. (Herbert read, a brief history of modern painting, translated by liu junping, Shanghai people's beauty society, 1979, p. 42)

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Big Art Canvas,Horizontal Palette Knife Contemporary Art Panoramic Canvas Painting

Australian National Museum, National Museum of Australia) "master: Australia bark painting artist" China tour in the Australian embassy on June 14th morning held a press conference, announced in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, shenzhen, and Taiwan and other cities, including 20 months of tour plan.
Matthew Trinca, director of the national museum of Australia, said: "this exhibition is one of the most important collections in the national museum of Australia.
When we talk about the national treasures of Australia, we are talking about these works.
The exhibition will open on July 3 at the national museum of China,Canvas Art Painting the first time the collection has been unveiled outside Australia.
As one of Australia's indigenous people create with primitive religion as the theme of a kind of art, native bark paintings express the understanding of the world, and records of the tribal history and legend of tens of thousands of years from generation to generation.
Bark for canvas, human hair for ochre paint, brushes,Contemporary Art paint based entirely from natural bark, bark a warm clear original state of the art of plain color combinations present, record indigenous spiritual world and cultural images, traditional aesthetics and anthropology of important value in a.
Most contemporary indigenous art themes revolve around the Dreamtime,Minimalist Canvas Art when the indigenous people believe the world was created.
The story of the "dream century" can be traced back to 50,000 years ago and has been handed down from generation to generation in the wilds of Australia.
Painting instead of the written language, the information in the traditional symbols and pictures become the record of ancient stories and dissemination of the carrier, as a result, aboriginal art and western art completely from the two kinds of different visual language system.
Michael Pickering, curator of the exhibition,Abstract Flower Art

said: "Australia's indigenous culture has a long history and, although it has no words, has survived in the form of songs, paintings and oral stories.
Each painting, while expressing beauty, also contains moral or spiritual connotations that the painter wishes to convey.

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Canvas Artwork For Living Room,Horizontal Palette Knife Contemporary Art,Canvas Painting Wall Decor,Yellow,Black,Grey,White.etc

Art and architecture of the border issue involved and beyond the age, the will to power, geopolitical aesthetic, technical innovation and so on, from the perspective of modernity,Canvas Art Painting the evolvement of the architecture to the architectural transformation of postcolonial context, from ancient times open living space and the philosophical reflection, and the construction of cyber times experiment...
These are the topics of a recent series of major architectural exhibitions in Tokyo, Venice and New York.
Art "Art news/Chinese version of" special planning & Architecture series, hope to meet the present Art and Architecture at the junction of the important issues, through a series of annual important architectural exhibitions and experiment,Contemporary Art the thinking clues, also hope that the discussion can jump subject frame, fusion in the field of Architecture and more intersection of discussion.
The first issue of this series focuses on Japanese architecture.
Dan under health three, tadao ando, Wei research I and sister island and the generation of Japanese architects more and more get the attention of the international field of vision, their active stage from domestic to overseas.
Tokyo's museum of the 15th anniversary of the project show this year to bring "building of Japan: the flow spectrum", the organizers to Japanese architecture in the development of social culture and aesthetic modernity of status.
Therefore, "art news/Chinese version of" an interview with the mori art museum curator,Minimalist Canvas Art famous curators south Shi Sheng, back since the Meiji restoration of 150 anniversary of the Japanese architecture development venation, and hopes for the future of Japanese architecture.
Since the end of last century, with health three, under the conditions of the Dan tadao ando, taniguchi yoshiu, Wei enquiry us, sister island and the world as a representative of the Japanese architect widespread international concern, they active stage from domestic to overseas.
Contemporary Japanese architecture design concept proposed by the buried deep in the country's cultural gene, mining and interpretation of the "genetic code" is not only enables the viewer to a more thorough and enjoy these architectural works,Abstract Flower Art more can from the roots up inquiry since the Meiji restoration, why Japan today has spawned a cradle of many excellent architect.
A large exhibition on Japanese architecture, "the Japanese exhibition of architecture: the genealogy of flow," opened on April 25 at the mori art museum in Tokyo, marking the museum's 15th anniversary.

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Contemporary Canvas Paintings,Horizontal Palette Knife Contemporary Art,Abstract Artwork Online,Orange,Sky Blue,,Red,Yellow.etc

33 years ago, The art critic Michael brunson (Michael Brenson) in The New York Times (The New York Times) comments on Diego Giacometti (Diego Giacometti) - Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti (Alberto Giacometti) brother,Canvas Art Painting said he was "another Giacometti.
Diego giacometti died in 1985 at the age of 82.
Diego's own bronze and furniture works started late and he was influenced by his brother's work, but his work was more bizarre and rigid.
The works are favored by top collectors,Contemporary Art including the Mellon and givenchy families.
When he died, diego was still commissioned by institutions such as the Chagall Museum, the Maeght Foundation and the Picasso Museum in Paris.
In the previous year, branson wrote: "diego sketched, made armature, played with his plaster animals and bronze day after day.
It was almost second nature to him now,Minimalist Canvas Art but his curiosity and his itching for work had never been satisfied.
In may, sotheby's Paris held an auction of diego's works.
"It's hard to imagine alberto being alberto without diego."
"Bronson told The international edition of The Art Newspaper.
Bronson met diego in the 1970s through James Lord, who later published a biography of giacometti in 1985.
Bronson thinks diego is "very generous" to him, with "a very practical mind and a very clear insistence".
He is a bit rude, but also very naughty,Abstract Flower Art

outwardly worldly, but more capable of happiness and warmth.
For a long time, almost all of alberto giacometti's sculptures were made by diego.
Diego's help to his brother is invaluable.
But emotional bonds are also essential.
They come from a very different world like Switzerland.

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Custom Oil Painting,Horizontal Palette Knife Contemporary Art,

Aix-en-provence is called a "spring town."
The Latin origin of the city's name "Aix" means "water".
As the cultural and economic center of the provence region,Canvas Art Painting there are not only old buildings built in the 17th and 18th centuries, but also young and energetic cities where students gather.
Alex is the hometown of Cezanne, the father of modernism, and the city of Picasso, zola, Hemingway and others.
The annual ix-provence opera festival,Contemporary Art held every July, is a cultural feast dedicated to the hearing and vision of classical music lovers.
After the end of world war ii, the Cannes film Festival DE cannesand the Festival d 'avignon drama Festival were established in 1946 and 1947.
Provence opera festival followed the "Renaissance" of agitation, founded in 1948 by the countess Lily paster (Lily Pastre) funded, aims to recovery the music art stagnation and destroyed in the war.
Opera festival performance venue at first build in st theo cathedral (Cathedrale Saint Sauveur) - the archbishop of the courtyard, as more and more excellent musicians to join,Minimalist Canvas Art opera festival soon famous in international, the size of its performance gradually expand, gradually into the more concerts and master works of music concert.
Film directors and visual artists are invited to participate in the creation of plays, and more and more elements of contemporary visual art are integrated into the stage performance of operas

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Contemporary Canvas Paintings,Gret,Blue,Yellow,Orange,Brown.etc

In the first week of January 1937, is apart from the Spanish civil war broke out for six months, the Spanish republic national gallery (Bellas Artes) young director jose's Renault (Josep Renau) find Picasso,Canvas Art Painting and appointed the upcoming Paris international art Exposition (Exposition Internationale des Arts) Spain pavilion made a large work, prepare exhibited in the pavilion is the most eye-catching place.
As the world's most renowned artists and the Prado Museum (Prado Museum) yearly salary 15000 pesetas, director of the old currency unit (Spain), Picasso's term for the 1936-1939),Contemporary Art Picasso was asked to create a strong political propaganda work in order to reveal the horrors of the Spanish civil war.
Art historians, Cabanas, Miguel Bravo (Miguel Cabanas Bravo) recounts the Renault find Picasso - the artist is spend time with friends in a bar in Paris, Renault was immediately found herself dress too will tie off and thrown into the trash.
But Picasso did not get the job in the first place.
A few days later, after a including the national pavilion architect jose's luis Seth (Josep Lluis Sert),Minimalist Canvas Art sponsored by committee, Picasso finally accepted the appointment, and in the end of June duly completed one of the most influential paintings of the 20th century.
In 1981, after "guernica" from New York to Madrid, two researchers on the painting microscopy analysis, is shown in the picture Picasso in the rapid creation, his assistant has spent a long time to deal with the canvas.
The coarse hemp fibers that make up the canvas are finely woven in ancient ways, giving a glow like the reflection of a stained glass window.
By painting the canvas with layers of lead and white primer,Abstract Flower Art

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Decorating A Big Living Room,Horizontal Palette Knife Contemporary Art Panoramic Canvas Painting,Modern Living Room Decor,White,Yellow,Red,Black.etc

This past July marks the 80th anniversary of Spain's civil war.
Civil war, one side is the support of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy by right-wing anti-communist and government forces led by general franco, the other is the second republic's elected government and its supporters against fascism,Canvas Art Painting the fierce conflict continued until late March 1939.
During the civil war, civilian targets were bombed.
The church did not survive, for example,Contemporary Art the Vich Cathedral, which houses Jose Maria Sert's priceless murals, was destroyed.
The Spanish civil war has become a watershed in how art can be preserved in wartime.
On February 3, 1939 in the evening around 7, 8 o 'clock, when the republican government, foreign minister Julio Alvarez, dale, about (Julio Alvarez del Vayo) and deputy director of the Louvre, Jacques jia jia DE (Jacques Jaujard) signed an agreement on the thin glass.
The chaos contrasted sharply with the long-term significance of the deal.
Government forces are losing ground,Minimalist Canvas Art and the town of figueroa SAN fernando, where dale vayo is hiding, is only a short drive from the French border.
On that day, just after franco's rebel air raid cut off all electricity, dell vayo and jajad signed a deal using the light of an opel headlight.
Under the deal,Abstract Flower Art
the Spanish government commissioned the international commission to save Spain's art treasures to transport the works to safety near the spanish-french border.
The committee is made up of representatives from key institutions such as the metropolitan museum of art in New York, the Louvre, the national gallery of fine arts and the Tate in London.
They promised the Spanish art treasures as the gift of the second republic through France to the league just headquarters in Geneva, (there is decorated with paintings on the walls of Seth.

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Acrylic Minimailist Painting,Oversized Panoramic Minimal Art On Canvas - Modern Art Abstract Painting 4.

The spring of sino-french culture has come again!
The 13th sino-french cultural spring will mark the 50th anniversary of the may storm.
"May storm" is an important period in the history of France, Canvas Art Painting the young artists, creators joined far-left factions, they in Chinese society, for inspiration, active and artistic creation in many groups.
The symbolic slogan of the movement at that time,Contemporary Art "the power of the imagination", deeply inspired the seventh art and freed the artists from existing moral doctrines and established artistic frameworks.
To the revolutionary unrest and political significance and full of poetic history, legal culture in the spring will appear 30 cities in China including film, exhibition, drama, dance, music performances, art form of hundreds of field activities such as sharing of literature.
Memory: Christian poltanski retrospective
Shanghai museum of contemporary art
The exhibition explores the human condition and tries to strike an emotional chord with basic questions about personal experience,Abstract Flower Art

luck and fate: everyone is unique, but not irreplaceable.
What is the meaning of life?
Trying to find out, the artist turned his attention to the holocaust and its survivors in the 20th century.
Their distant memories and the traces left on their bodies make artists keep Shouting. Why do some people's impulsiveness and craziness make another group of innocent people pay for it?
How unfair it is.

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Abstract Art Decor,Contemporary Painting,Black And White Minimal Painting On Canvas - Acrylic Painting On Canvas

Spring outing, cherry picking, spring outing
After a busy art season, April brings a series of delightful exhibitions.
In Shanghai, Cartier contemporary art foundation brings a variety of extremely strong "strange scenery",Canvas Art Painting hoping to let the viewer step into a different world;
The Shanghai museum has moved the British landscape directly to mordor to exhibit more than 70 of the Tate Britain's collection of landscape paintings, the largest exhibition of British landscape paintings ever held in China.
Want to see the 17th century view of Versailles palace?
The metropolitan museum of art in New York will display a wide range of collections to showcase the grand palace of Versailles from a visitor's perspective.
Taipei's national Palace Museum has brought show "ancient paintings anime: therefore very helpful qingming scroll",Contemporary Art presented by the qing is therefore very helpful on the qingming festival pursues "based on making the cartoon films, will be more parsing the projector screen of imitation long scroll of elongated light screen wall, let the viewer in the picturesque scene of science and technology, experience the artistic conception of Chinese scroll painting.
Shanghai museum of contemporary art, Shanghai
Cartier contemporary art foundation: strange scenery
4.25 to 7.29
This exhibition is a French Cartier foundation of contemporary art in China's first large-scale exhibition,Minimalist Canvas Art will display a series of Cartier collection of contemporary art foundation involved including economic, ecological, immigration, and other social issues iconic works of art.
Among them, visual artists, film directors,Abstract Flower Art

musicians, urban planners and other experts in various fields have realized organic cooperation across disciplinary boundaries.
The exhibition on the decoration for the visitors as if from one world to another world, which also contains a very large variety, different people together, can find the different aesthetic.