Vaping: New Zealand’s Smokefree Route

user image 2019-03-27
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Vaping: New Zealand’s Smokefree Route
New trends catch on from time to time, like playing Pokèmon GO. People walking around with their concentration channeled into their phones has led to a rise in calls to ban texting while walking. cheap vape deals on electronic cigarettes is another new behavior that’s split public health in two. A generation of New Zealanders has grown up not knowing what it’s like to work in an office full of tobacco smoke or watch a movie through a smoky haze.
We’re used to our almost smokefree country, with only a small minority of people – around 15 percent – still sneaking around the corner for a puff.To the growing proportion of never-smokers, the attraction to this new cloud blowing craze is unfathomable. Many health workers and academics mistakenly thought this was a new kind of smoking cooked up by tobacco companies. Shocked, they quickly called to have the devices banned. But vapers, most of whom were smokers before they switched to vaping, are no longer inhaling smoke with all the killer toxins, tar, and carbon monoxide.

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