LED Screens and Panels For Any Event

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LED screens and panels are a must for almost any kind of event, from concerts and tour production, through trade shows to corporate events.Indoor Led Rental Display

The advancement from LCD to LED has allowed many innovations in the industry.There are a few different types of LED screens that each have unique qualities.

In this article, we will cover a few of the types and their availability as far as LED wall rentals and screen rentals go.The first aspect that should be covered is the outdoor LED screen.

The main difference that will come with outdoor LED displays is the resolution quality.Outdoor LED displays will likely be brighter than indoor.Because they are used in sunlight, they have to be bright enough to ensure that they are still visible.Finally, outdoor LED screens will be more durable due to their need to withstand the weather.LED screen rentals are available for outdoor screens at Onstage Systems.
The next type of screen that should be covered is the indoor LED display.Indoor LED video walls often have a very high resolution. This simply means that there will be a bunch of the diodes in a small area of the screen.

This allows for a better color contrast and sharper pictures. The light emitting diodes on indoor screens are also much less durable.They are not capable of withstanding many of the things that an outdoor screen could. For that reason, it is very important to handle these screens carefully.
Absen X5 is a popular producer of both indoor and outdoor LED displays. They provide LED video walls with high quality and durable screens of all sorts.

Their technology has allowed them to create some of the clearest and vivid screens on the market. Absen X5 screens and panels are available for rent right here at Onstage Systems.Absen X5 is a flexible LED screen. This allows the screen to draw the watchers into the picture more. Overall, the advancements of flexible LED screens are quite an amazing technology.

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