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Faber Audiovisuals is a specialist in LED displays and LED screen rental. This specialization in LED displays has made the company a prominent international player in the market. Quality is our main drive. Faber only works with state-of-the-art LED technology and products from renowned brands. With a LED fleet of approximately 10.000 m2 Faber serves various markets, ranging from outdoor events to innovative indoor applications.Outdoor Led Rental Display

Faber Audiovisuals continually invests in the best LED technology without losing sight of what you, as a customer, want. What do you want to visualise? What experience are you looking for? In what sort of environment are the LED displays placed? Which techniques are best suited to fit in there? In short, Faber Audiovisuals gladly outlines the total picture together with you. Together we will come to the best possible solution for your event.
A small selection from our LED display rental portfolio? Faber Audiovisual rents LED advertising displays that serve as boarding along the soccer fields in the Dutch Premier League and supplied displays for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. We rent and facilitate LED displays to events such as Pinkpop, Symphonica in Rosso and Groots met een zachte G. We also take care of the LED sets of various television programs, such as The Voice of Holland, Dance Dance Dance, The Passion and De Wereld Draait Door.

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