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f you have refilled your toner cartridge and your printer does not seem to recognize it as new, then you may need to reset toner cartridge. Even if you have added more toner, your printer will still read it at the same low toner level which is almost empty.Toner Chips for Photo Copiers

It becomes very frustrating when you load your printer with new toner cartridge, and it remains at the same mark. It does not only stop you from printing, but it can also take a lot of time and frustration if you don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, this is how most printers work, and you are required to take some extra steps to know how to reset toner cartridge.

The following is a procedure that will work around how your printer reads cartridges. It will delete the retained memory from the previous cartridge so it can read the new one. The procedure will help you in resetting it.

1. Insert the New Cartridge
Insert the new cartridge into your printer just for the purpose of recognition. Have it print an alignment page, and it will recognize the new cartridge. However, it will still retain the memory of the previous cartridge and read the ink level as it was before.
2. Remove the New Cartridge and Replace it With an Old One Then Do it Again
Printers can retain the memory of 2 cartridges. What you will do here is to ‘trick’ it so that it will read the new cartridge. First, you will remove the new cartridge and replace it with an old one. Now remove the old one and replace it with another cartridge. The memory of the old toner level should disappear.
3. Insert The New Cartridge Again
Insert the new cartridge into your printer. This time the new cartridge will be recognized by your printer as full. Take it out, and tape over the top left-corner of the contact square and have it print an alignment page. Take the cartridge out again and tape over the upper-right corner. Put it back in and print a second alignment page. Take it out for the third time and reinsert it with no tape. Your printer should recognize your cartridge as full.
4. Do It Again If It Doesn’t Work
Some printers can be quite stubborn. You may have to do this a few times for it to recognize that your cartridge is full. If step 3 does not work, you can always do it again. You can also try using the bottom contact corners. You may want to label your cartridges as it can get very confusing if you do it multiple times.
To reset toner cartridge can be a painstaking task especially if you have a stubborn printer. Once you get the hang of it, you can quickly reset it for each ink refill. If you are dealing with a printing business, then you should learn on how to reset toner cartridge. It will save you time so that you can focus on the other tasks that you need to do.

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