The Method Of Black Masterbatch

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Black Masterbatch It is made of carbon black, carrier and additives injection molding process and other parts of the production of color masterbatch. In the plastic molding process, the black masterbatch is almost everyone used for dyeing, for anti-aging, for conductive products, Black Masterbatch the use of many problems often bother us. Xiaobian will now we are concerned about some of the issues to explore, hope to bring you a harvest.masterbatch manufacturing process
What is the composition of the black masterbatch
Composition of black masterbatch materials are: A. carbon black; B. carbon black carrier; C. carbon black wetting agent; D. carbon black dispersant; E. other processing aids.
Black masterbatch with carbon black
In accordance with international classification, China has more than 30 varieties. Mainly divided into rubber and non-rubber with two categories. Black Masterbatch In the rubber with carbon black is mainly wear-resistant carbon black, can effectively improve the wear resistance of rubber tires; in non-rubber carbon black, really can be used as black masterbatch carbon black only a few. The most widely used carbon black in the tank is mainly due to its rich source, high purity and small particle size. Among them, Black Masterbatch it is divided into high pigment carbon black (particle size 9-17mm), medium pigment carbon black (particle size 18-25mm) and low pigment carbon black (particle size 26-37mm). Due to different varieties of carbon black, the price difference is very large. Carbon black particles because of its own more active, rarely exist in the original particles, almost all of the range of particles in the presence of aggregated particles exist.
What is the carbon black carrier?
Carrier is the material carrying carbon black. What kind of raw materials are used in general plastic products, and what raw materials are used for the carrier? This made the black masterbatch and plastic raw materials compatibility is better. Such as: PS (polystyrene) plastic products, Black Masterbatch the use of black masterbatch carrier is PS. For polyethylene plastic products, the carrier is polyethylene. However, the general use of LDPE (high pressure polyethylene), because LDPE carrying carbon black the strongest, and processing performance. While other polyethylene HDPE and LLDPE can only produce low concentrations of black masterbatch. For PP (polypropylene) plastic products, only the use of PP and LDPE as the carrier of the black masterbatch, Black Masterbatch but can not use HDPE and LLDPE and other plastic as the carrier of black masterbatch. Of course, also useful to recover the material to do the carrier of the black masterbatch.
Organic dispersant and inorganic dispersant. High-grade black masterbatch using organic dispersant, mainly used for the use of environmentally friendly plastic products, Black Masterbatch such as drip irrigation products. Low-grade black masterbatch using inorganic dispersant, commonly used calcium carbonate. Can be judged from the masterbatch packaging, 25 kg only half of the bag is certainly the use of inorganic dispersant; full bag is the use of organic dispersant black masterbatch. The use of inorganic dispersants can greatly reduce the cost of black masterbatch, but very fatal is that calcium carbonate has accelerated the aging of plastic products.

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