FIFA 20 Reveals MAJOR changes coming EA Sports PS4

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FIFA 20 Reveals MAJOR changes coming EA Sports PS4

EA Sports has pulled back the curtain on some of the on-the-pitch tweaks being made to this year's FIFA game, and some of it looks to be in direct response to longstanding criticism of the franchise in recent years.

One on one defending was almost non-existent in buy fifa 20 coins, while the set-pieces have remained stale for the last few years.Thankfully, today's new trailer (which you can find below) suggests both of these are being worked on - and more.

Free kicks and penalties look to be returning to a reticule, allowing you to place your shot. This may make it sound easier to score from dead-ball situations, but the addition of adding spin to free kicks and measuring your shot power accordingly looks like it'll still be a system to separate the pros from the rest.

New strafe dribbling looks to allow players to lure an opponent in before bursting past them, just as you see in stadiums around the world. The ability to beat a defender is tempered by new options for defenders to pinch the ball away and start a counter-attack. We're hoping this will give more reason for players to pick ball-playing centre-halves to turn defence into attack.Of course, one of the more important aspects of football is the ball itself, and FIFA 20 introduces entirely new ball physics. Hopefully, this can lead to some new free-kick routines, especially when paired with the aforementioned set-piece refresh. EA has also mentioned the possibility of rising strikes hit first-time, and let me tell you there are few things sexier in world football.

Finally, there's something called "Composed Finishing" which will allow attackers a better chance of scoring when in on goal. It feels like shooting is tweaked every year, so we're intrigued to see how much this changes things.

Officially announced at this year's E3, FIFA 20 introduces Volta - a type of fast-paced street football played on indoor pitches. We're expecting to hear plenty more at Gamescom, and have our fingers crossed for a Career Mode refresh.want know more fut coins news Read More

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