How to increase home value and beauty with these upgrades

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How to increase home value and beauty with these upgrades

When you think of fencing, the pristine white wood picket of the American Dream probably comes to mind.There is a lot of variety out there," said Brian Woolf, vice president of his family-owned Republic Fence Company in Chatsworth, adding that for guidance he asks customers a simple question: "‘Tell me about your project.' A lot of times, they'll have an idea for the aesthetics as well."modern villa fence

Variations on fence styles in different materials are increasingly defining Southern California front yards, adding architectural beauty and providing kids and pets a safe enclosed space to play while keeping people out.
In addition to serving a purpose, a fence can increase a home's value provided it's in compliance with your homeowners' association, city or county regulations. In most cases, front yard fences are limited to 48 inches - fences between properties are more typically limited to 6 feet - but you should always check with the governing agency before getting started.

"It's an enhancement," said Tony Thornton, executive director of the American Fence Association. "Just like a deck or a backyard pergola, it's going to increase the value of the home. And if you've got a home sitting side by side and they're identical in square footage but one has an enhancement, you're going to get more for it."Deterioration used to occur on the spots where the iron was welded and then painted by hand.

Today's pre-galvanized and powder-coated iron fencing doesn't rust because the panels are prefabricated and bolted into place. For custom touches, decorative elements such as scrollwork and circles can be added to the fences.

"If you wanted a couple of birds out of metal, we could waterjet them [a cutting process] and then weld them onto the iron for a custom look," Woolf said. "Our niche is that custom stuff."Horizontal fencing, popular among professional landscape designers, is also on the rise. Its slats, designed with or without spacing between them, run parallel to the ground for a modern look.

Installing these fences cost more than a conventional fence because the posts are closer together. Vertical fencing is less time-consuming to install and more cost-effective."For a traditional look, there's always the picket fence," Woolf said. "We did one for my friends in Agoura because they have a couple kids, but it also beautified the yard. And we used vinyl there because vinyl has been a huge trend, especially with picket fences."With its UV protective coating, vinyl is ideal for homeowners who don't want the hassle of upkeep that comes with wood.

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