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A guillotine paper cutter is a great addition to just about every work environment, especially if its a well-made one from SCREWs Manufacturers an esteemed company. One product that fits that description is the 534 Professional Guillotine Paper Cutter from Dahle, a German manufacturer of many types of office equipment. Heres a review of this product so you can determine is this trimmer is right for your workplace. The Dahle 534 has a cutting length of 18 inches. This is a good length for most jobs, especially if you typically work with letter- and legal-sized paper. You can even use this trimmer to process tabloid paper which measures 11 x 17.This device has a decent cutting capacity. It's able to cut up to 15 sheets of paper at once.

This is a good amount for small and medium-sized jobs, but using this device for large jobs could get a bit tedious after a while, unfortunately. So if you routinely cut huge amounts of paper at a time, a device with a larger capacity would be a better choice.Its no surprise that guillotine cutter blades are sharp and thats definitely the case with the Dahle 534s blade. This blade is made out of high-quality Solingen steel and is sharp enough to slice through thick materials such as cardstock. Also, the blade is self-sharpening which is great because you wont have to sharpen it yourself.The Dahle 534 is pretty safe to use. The blade was designed to stay in the position you leave it in, and it wont fly up or come crashing down unexpectedly. When youre not using the cutter, you can lock the blade into place so there will be no accidental injuries. Also, the paper clamp will not only keep your documents in place, theyll help keep your fingers away from the blade.The base of this trimmer is made out of metal, so its very durable. There are preprinted cutting guides on it which helps make the process go more smoothly. Both metric and standard measurements are visible.

The Dahle 534 comes with an adjustable backstop. The backstop can be attached to either the top or bottom of the device depending on what you prefer.Finally, this paper cutter comes with a lifetime warranty so any necessary repairs can be made to it without any hassle. Recommendation: The Dahle 534 is a very well-made cutter thats been made from fine materials including Solingen steel. This device has many of the features you should look for in a trimmer including a terrific cutting length and a well-honed blade thats self-sharpening and can be locked into place. The only thing that could be a problem with this product is its cutting capacity, but that really depends on how many sheets you want to process at once. Thus, if you need to cut 15 sheets or less at a time, the Dahle 534 would be a great product for you to take a look at.

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