How to be a good tutor or writer at educational website?

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How to be a good tutor or writer at educational website?

Here is an email we got from a tutor the other day. We are recieve such an emails very often, cause on good educational websites such as you can find professional writers that can do your essay for cheap and for fast. I thought it was worth re-printing in case others have a similar question:

I am a tutor at writemyessaysos. I really love this website and the recent innovations you have made including client rating and profile updates.

I just saw an email in regards to you setting up a new system with clients paying a markup on tutoring. I don’t know how efficiently this will work.


I work as a tutor and I am also currently going to school. It seems like a lot of money to pay by students just for getting tutored, they might also go to other websites or go to school learning centers to get the necessary aid.

Does this sound logical? I am just sending my thoughts and concerns because I really love your website.

Thanks for the email, I really appreciate your feedback! I think you’re right that the markup could cause a problem for some students. You may want to keep any existing clients you already have at your old rate so they don’t get an unexpected price bump. This tends to upset people more in my experience - unexpected changes - whereas if if a student knows the price up front then its unlikely to be an issue.

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