Professional of the blues

Professional of the blues

album: Something That Is Deep Inside

genre: Pop

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George Finizio
About George Finizio
<span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: &#39;Times New Roman&#39;">George Finizio is a singersongwriter, keyboard player, and guitarist who has performed extensively in various lounges professionally all over the Southern California area playing a very wide variety of music. Now there&#39;s finally the opportunity to hear some of George&#39;s original music on the newly released CD &quot;Something That Is Deep Inside,&quot; capturing a wide range of music styles and ranges of emotion. Two extraordinary artists featured on the CD are John Jorgenson and Gary Frisbie. John is one of the most remarkable musicians on the planet! He plays and amazing number of instruments, and those that have the pleasure of knowing John are aware of how incredibly skilled he is at all of them! It is hard to believe that God put so much musical talent in one body...Yes...he IS THAT GOOD! As if it wasn&#39;t enough that John is literally a genius when it comes to music, he&#39;s also demonstrated great skills as a songwriter as well. Speaking of geniuses...another is Gary Frisbie. Gary&#39;s also an exceptional guitarist, plays numerous instruments, and never seems to be at a loss for exceptionally creative, masterful, and very crafty musical ideas. Gary also co-wrote two songs, the beautiful ballad, &quot;I Remember Christmas,&quot; featuring Gary vocally, and &quot;It&#39;s Over Now.&quot; Gary has frequently demonstrated that he&#39;s a very consummate professional as well both for live performing, and in the studio! All of these artist&#39;s composition crafts, vocal abilities, studio, production, and arranging skills figure prominently on the tracks in &quot;Something That Is Deep Inside.&quot;</span>