Ill Take A Chance Again

Ill Take A Chance Again


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Healing Songs
About Healing Songs

This collection of "Healing Songs" comes from a place of peace and contentment. It offers the opportunity for each person to look into their "Heart of Hearts" for the feelings and answers that can only come from within and from GOD. This song collection has just been completed and released. The original intent was targeted to all recovery issues including abuse, alcohol, ACOA, co-dependent behavior, divorce as well as others. Since then, on a song by song basis, we have learned that this CD helps each individual get down to the real issues they need to address personally. Especially when the listener sets aside a time and place to listen to the entire CD start to finish with meditation. "Healing Songs" is wonderful for inner child work and healing for self and family. "Healing Songs" is a must for all Christians who want to deepen their faith and/or want to use this music in their ministry to help others. Please visit our website to learn more about the recovery issues listed above. Contact email -