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By: Heidi Jantz
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<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Heidi Jantz 509-879-7440 Heidi Jantz releases &quot;Entries on an Unlined Page&quot; Spokane, WA - March 28, 2005 Heidi Jantz is a singer/songwriter from Spokane, WA. Heidi recently released her debut album, Entries on an Unlined Page. Heidi wrote all eleven of the songs on the album with the final song paying tribute to the gospel classic, Jesus Paid It All. The album is acoustic-folk, with guitar, violin, cello and Heidis striking vocals. Heidi returns songwriting to its roots, authentic storytelling of everyday living, told through her unique brand of poetic songwriting. The music has something rare, an honest tune that colors each piece. Jantz doesn&#39;t worry much about shelter. Her lyrics are pure/clean/naked. The strongest part is the voice, which sounds warm and clear. Sometimes it opens to an essential dialogue. (Gert-Ove Fridlund, Hallandsposten, Sweden, January 26, 2005) Each song is a reservoir, allowing the listener to define its shape. Overall, the album leaves the listener relaxed, understood and braver than before they listened. Entries on an Unlined Page can be purchased at</font>

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Heidi Jantz
About Heidi Jantz
Singer/Songwriter, Heidi Jantz, recently released her debut album, Entries on an Unlined Page. Heidi has been singing since she was a young girl, often singing in church and in school choirs. Heidi began playing guitar and writing songs a few years ago, finding fulfillment in the intersection of writing and singing.