Application of Laser Welding Technology

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Laser welding is a kind of high precision, high efficiency and new melting welding method with high energy density red laser light beam as heat source and instantaneous melting of local material to form welded joint. Compared with the general welding technology, laser welding technology of high energy density, can penetrate a thick workpiece without groove, not only a substantial increase in the production of welding speed, high welding quality can also get high strength, small deformation, thereby greatly reducing shipbuilding cost.

Laser processing technology is the use of the characteristics of laser beam interaction with the material of materials (including metal and nonmetal) for cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, micro machining and as a light source, an object recognition technology and application field of traditional laser processing technology is the biggest. The laser cutting PCB/FPC, without as needed for several traditional stamping mould, save time and cost; and blue laser cutting is a non-contact processing, eliminates the damage mechanical stamping components contact processing, greatly improving the rate of finished products, using PCB/FPC laser cutting is the inevitable trend of development. The application of laser cutting machine in FPC/PCB can be divided into cutting, cutting and drilling.

In shipbuilding, most of the materials are 3~12mm thick plates, and the warpage and deformation of the weldment due to the high heat input during welding are the main problems faced by the traditional shipbuilding methods. In the construction of the hull, about 25% of the workload of ship plate shaping and hammering, in order to achieve the smoothness and curvature requirements, the ship can be fixed together. The main advantage of laser welding technology in shipbuilding is low distortion. At present, laser welding, sandwich plate structure angle profiles, T profiles, cross sections and butt welding plate has been accepted by the world shipbuilding industry. Laser welding plate can greatly shorten the production time. In the traditional shipbuilding method, shape and position tolerances must be manually eliminated by laser welding of ship hull structure, with the good, can quickly form the profile, 12m plate length tolerance within 0.5mm, almost do not need to repeat the process, save a lot of people.

At present, laser pointer welding machine, butt welding welding has been widely used in shipbuilding, several shipyards used this kind of welding machine. Laser welding of large ship plate production line, generally need to be equipped with: profile machining and finishing equipment, including chamfer rolling machine, sandblasting machine, continuous inkjet marking machine, plasma cutting equipment, transmission system, rolling platform, warehouse etc.; laser operating system, including laser source, mirror optical system, a numerical control table, control system and detection system; bracket system, including cutting bench, welding bench, lifting device, fixture etc.. The integration benefits are: laser processing than flame cutting and arc welding time; laser machining gap is small, with a large aspect ratio; heat input is very small, so the laser processing no deformation; laser beam can realize the integration of cutting and welding.

The laser welding will have a major impact on the following aspects of ship design, construction and service life: because no longer limited to the profile type, performance is a major consideration, optimize the design structure of the target; the 3D complex builder component according to its shape into a two-dimensional component is relatively simple, with high the laser power faster and more accurately welded together, thereby reducing the cost of construction, reduce the workload of finishing, and reduce the weight of that type; users can reduce operating costs by welding greatly; the fatigue life due to the machining accuracy, reduce welding seam and prolong the ship internal space according to the need, easy weapon the equipment re deployment, fuel consumption reduction.

For the performance of ship conducted a comprehensive study on green laser welding of corrugated sandwich plates, including small scale model test, fire prevention, noise and corrosion test, bending strength, compressive strength, shear strength and fatigue performance test, and the application test. The test results show that the sandwich plate can greatly reduce the weight of the structure, improve the deck or cabin partition refractory, insulation performance and smoothness, easy to apply paint and coatings; and can reduce the lifetime maintenance costs, increase the cabin space available.

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