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<p>mportant part <br />Look! There is a rainbow! On the first day of my university life, when I walked into the campus, there was a rainbow <a href="">prada sneakers</a> bridging over the fountain, I hadn&rsquo;t seen rainbow for a long time. I was so excited, and leaped high with joy. My <a href="">microscope lenses</a> ponytail danced with my happiness. It was a propitious sign indicated that my life in university would be colorful, and actually it is! <br />After my entry into university, I found my life so busy. What I should do is not only gaining the scholarship but also <a href="">prom dresses</a> being a good monitor and leader of shanghai university percussion band. I got the 1st and 2nd price of scholarship in <a href="">outdoor playground equipment</a> my 2 years of study. I organized charity donations for schoolmates with financial difficulty or disease. Every week, I <a href="">check valves</a> give drum lesson to new members of our percussion band. And there are always a lot of non-business performances, such as <a href="">gas lighter</a> entertaining guests, celebrating party, cultural exchange with foreign students delegations and their bands. Of <a href="">cheap designer handbags</a> course, part-time job is indispensable in my vacations. I ask for no payment but aim at getting accustomed to the society. <br />Sometimes, my friends advise me not to tire myself out with such a tight schedule. I wake up before the rooster crow <a href="">printing machine</a> and continue working till very late when others are enjoying their sweet dreams. Every time I come back from the <a href="">replica breitling watches</a> rehearsal of percussion band, I have to finish my homework with the help of my own charged light because of the blackout <a href="">wholesale nfl jerseys</a> in out dormitory. Maybe such kind of life is something like an ascetic, but we should work hard and try hard in our <a href="">moncler down jackets</a> youth, aren&rsquo;t we? When I represented shanghai university to take part in the POND&rsquo;s new century lady competition held <a href="">moncler bambino</a> in May, when I show off on the stage, when I emerged as &ldquo;the girl of vitality&rdquo;, I made use of every bit of time to <a href="">moncler coat</a> compensate the classes I had missed, I made use of every chance to learn from other girls with vitality, versatility and <a href="">watches panerai</a> intelligence, I made use of this opportunity to present our university students&rsquo; state of mind. <br />There is a little bitterness in my busy life, but at the same time, there is sweetness. It is colorful. I make fun out of it. I <a href="">replica iwc</a> love it. When I snatch a little leisure I lie on the green grass, reading books, I cripple myself in the window-seat in <a href="">hermes watches</a> our library---the 2nd largest in shanghai---I absorb knowledge like a hungry sponge, I wonder along the bank of <a href="">tag watches</a> river, listening to oriels in willows and get a splendid sunset view of the campus. The sky is drunk with the <a href="">lange sohne</a> sunset; I am drunk with the sweetness of my like. <br />Besides study, music is the most important part of my life. I began to learn piano at 6 and drum at 11. In school, I <a href="">replica phone</a> teach students to play jazz drums, kettledrums, xylophone and so on. We give performances in many universities to <a href="">new gucci</a> popularize percussion and to bring music to them. I&rsquo;ve learned drums for so many years and it can&rsquo;t be separated from <a href="">plug valve</a> my life now. It is my beating heart, my pulse, veins and arteries. When I play it, I wanna move my body, I can sit <a href="">moncler doudoune</a> on my chair anymore I can&rsquo;t help swinging I communicate with the audience I call upon them to join me with the <a href="">air max tn</a> beat of drums the rhythm of music and the fragmence of youth. Hi, come on! <br />In one summer vacation, I volunteered to teach my neighborhood community and taxi drivers to learn 100 English sentences <a href="">air classic bw</a> for APEC. I made great efforts to walk out of my air-conditioned room and walk into the hot and suffocating weather. Some <a href="">nike requin</a> of these people didn&rsquo;t have the opportunity to get good education, and even didn&rsquo;t know ABC! I tried hard to <a href="">chaussures tn</a> find and easy way to teach them. For example, how to remember &ldquo;the Oriental TV tower&rdquo;? I put &ldquo;tower&rdquo; as in shanghai <a href="">chaussures nike air max</a> dialect. It is not the right way to teach and learn English like this, but actually it is the only way. In the end of my <a href="">china lighter</a> vacation, they could use some daily language. I was so glad and thought my efforts rewarding. Being a volunteer, I mould <a href="">tablecloth</a> myself serve the people and welcome the coming APEC. Being a university student living in ivory tower, I feel the hardness of taxi driver. It was at that time that I cherished most my opportunity to study in shanghai university which enjoys the first rate facilities in china. I will work hard and contribute myself to our country in the future.</p>

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