Ways to harness the potential of Highlights Stories on Instagram

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Now, the social network allows you to place your favorite stories on the reception of your profile. This feature is useful for communicating additional/important information to your subscribers.


In this article, find out how to use these Highlights Stories to boost your Instagram strategy.

Presentation of Highlights Stories

Creating stories takes time and gives a lot more information than a classic post. In addition, you can communicate differently or on another aspect of your brand. But until then, your Instagram stories disappeared after 24 hours ... Obviously, all your followers did not have time to see them. Recruitment possibilities were also limited.

Instagram has therefore decided to flesh out its stories by adding the possibility of saving them so that your subscribers can consult them whenever they want. The icing on the cake: these stories appear first on your profile. Difficult to miss them! 

How to use Highlights Stories?

To create a highlighted story, simply click on "+" below the "Stories in the news" on your profile.

1) Highlight your product ranges

Promoting your brand is essential on Instagram, but it must remain subtle and original. Your profile must offer creative layouts to interest your community. This somewhat limits the possibilities of promotion and the promotion of the specific characteristics of the products or services.

Thanks to Highlight Stories, you can create collections that group your products by range, season, event ... The advantage is to be able to write more on the visual and offer images that are a little less creative, but just as useful.

For example, the cosmetic brand Clinique is taking the opportunity to promote its new products:

In the story, the brand gives advice on how to use them correctly.

You can also, like Carrefour, take advantage of this option to enhance your seasonal products. By arriving on your profile, Internet users will not need to search long to find what they need at the moment T:

2) Create an appointment

The stories highlighted to give you the opportunity to get more likes and followers with an easy step. As these are present on the home page, you are sure that your subscribers will benefit from all the appointments and will be able to follow them assiduously. Result: you amplify their commitment.

For example, Credit Agricole is highlighting its Ask Teddy meeting to encourage Internet users to participate.

3) Offer promotions

You've probably noticed: Instagram users don't like promotional messages. An ad, from time to time, this remains accepted by your followers. But during periods like sales, it's hard to remind them too often that great promotions are taking place on your site. You would risk forcing them to flee.

The Highlights Stories allow you to group your products on sale, on promotion or that you wish to promote during a specific period. If you are eligible, you can add a link in your story, which links to your e-commerce or your points of sale.

The Alinea brand uses saved stories to promote its sales:

The story encourages Internet users to go to its website to see the products on promotion.

4) Promote your brand image

Archiving a story offers you the opportunity to enhance your image and manage your e-reputation. How? 'Or' What? By highlighting your humanitarian actions, your awards, your press coverage…

For example, the Yves Rocher brand clearly displays the prices received:

5) Spread news

Does your brand have intense news? Rather than publishing them in your Instagram feed and “breaking” the creative universe of your feed, integrate your news into stories. You can create one per day or per week, as you prefer.

For example, the Ikea brand offers many stories called “À la Une” which enhances its news: store opening, recruitment day, installation of a new collection at the point of sale, corporate event, etc.

Being able to save them is a little extra to consider. You can enrich your profile to better communicate, manage your image and bring even more useful content to your community.

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