How to increase Instagram followers

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How to increase Instagram followers

1) When to post on Instagram

No less important is the time of publication. Publishing your content at a certain time, rather than another, has a fairly considerable impact on your engagement rate.


Many times we are asked, what time do you recommend publishing on Instagram?

My answer is: there is no certain time that is always good, but it depends on your niche and your target.

For example, if there are many moms in your target, posting in the middle of their children's leaving school time is not a great idea.

You have to focus on understanding who is your main target and from there you can understand what is the most suitable time to post. Go to your Instagram Insights and see when your followers are most active.


For example, for many businesses (not all) the best time to post a Wednesday or Thursday content is at 3/4 in the afternoon.

If you are worried about not being able to post at the time that's right for you, you could rely on Sprout Social, a tool that will help you schedule your posts and give you fantastic statistics with which you can optimize your profile even more.



2) The best hashtags to get more followers on Instagram

Hashtags for Instagram are like keywords for Google.

Using hashtags correctly is one of the fastest ways to get more followers on Instagram. Their purpose is to get you noticed by people who are not following you but unfortunately it is not always easy to use them.

For example, if you are creating content for the soccer world cup, it is useless to use the generic hashtag #calcio because it will be very difficult to get noticed in such a popular hashtag. It would be better to use hashtags like #fifaworldcup or # fifa2018.


How do you use hashtags on Instagram?

The rules have changed in the last year, Instagram now focuses more on the relevance of the hashtag based on the content you posted and on the type of profile you have. You can't expect to post the same 14 hashtags on all the photos and expect considerable results. You must therefore find the right combination for each image.

Below we list our guidelines to optimize the use of hashtags on Instagram to increase followers:

  1. Create a list of hashtags that are always related to the content you post;
  2. Now study them and try to understand which ones are not too popular, those extremely related to all your content and take them from 4 to 6;
  3. Find or create a couple of hashtags with your brand or name and add them to the list;
  4. Now look for hashtags related to your profile according to Instagram: usually on the page you explore, you will be able to see more or less content related to what you like. For this reason, it could be a good strategy to use some hashtags present in the posts of the explore page that at the same time also concern your niche. Take 3 to 4;
  5. Now repeat three times from point 1 to point 4 to find yourself with 3 unique hashtag lists. You should therefore end up with 3 lists of 8 - 12 hashtags each;
  6. Depending on the content you posted, it finds between 3 and 5 hashtags extremely correlated to that single content;
  7. For the first post use the fixed list number 1, for the second post using the fixed list number two, for the third post use the fixed list number and restart.

Now you have to refine everything, try to also test with different hashtag lists to see which ones give you the best results.


3) Create a linear and harmonious theme for your Instagram feed and get more followers

This is another point to be extremely careful about.

Think about someone's profile, when you look at him you not only see his recent photos but also look at the whole grid of his contents, his feed in essence. This is why the photos on your Instagram profile must have a chromatic relationship between them. Doing so will make your feed look much more professional.

Some examples:


The first thing to take into consideration is the contents themselves, the subjects in the various photos should be positioned in such a way as to give a harmonious and linear aspect to your feed. Furthermore, it is also very important how you edit your photos and what filters you apply them. Find a set of two or three similar filters and always try to use those in editing your photos.


4) GeoTag Instagram 

Using Geotag on your Instagram photos is important for letting your followers know the exact location of where you took that particular photo. Also, by placing the Geotag, you can also appear in search results in that specific location, thus increasing engagement.

It has been calculated that using the geotag can increase your engagement by up to 79% when used properly.


If you have a local business you should also encourage its use with your customers to advertise for free.


5) Reply to comments on your photos

Responding to comments is vital to increase engagement with your audience but also to increase the popularity of a photo, especially in its early hours.

Interacting with your followers on Instagram will make you appear more humble and attentive. It could also be really useful to take some interesting ideas and tips.


A good rule of thumb is to get it into your head to always answer every one, especially those who write something sensible, not the usual emojis

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