10 Best Online Marketing Markets for Digital Marketing

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In recent years, about 60% of the world's population relies on the Internet. Digital marketing refers to the marketing branch that markets and markets products or services through the digital platform to reach the end customers.

Over time, digital marketing has made good progress. Many companies have come up with digital marketing courses, including Google's 'Digital Garage'. Digital marketing has bright career prospects for those who want to pursue it as a career goal. According to your established skills, you may be hired as a social media executive, copywriter, brand manager, SEO analyst and many more.

The 10 best markets for digital marketing courses

Changing focus on a career may not always be considered negative. If you are planning to make money as a digital marketer, you must understand the sobriety of the business, which can be obtained from the right course and the right institution. You need the right curriculum that contains both theoretical and practical knowledge of digital marketing; Following are the top 10 online markets for digital marketing courses that can help you navigate a better career opportunity.

  1. Udemy: Complete digital marketing course 12 in 1 course

Udemy is the best-selling digital marketing course that caters to 200,000 students around the world. Udemy, which offers more than 20 hours of training and quizzes, is the most comprehensive digital marketing course. Udemy covers areas such as YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, Google Ad words and many more.


What you expect to learn

  • During this course, you will learn how to grow an online business
  • How to channel the skill to get a high-paying job in digital marketing?
  • As an affiliate marketer how you can make money
  • Work at home as a freelance marketer


Udemy covers 12 major online marketing areas, including lectures and hands-on classes. This course is value for money as it includes marketing research, WordPress, email marketing, copyright, social media marketing, SEO, YouTube marketing, app marketing, LinkedIn marketing and many more.

At the end of this course, you will become a professional in the world of digital marketing.

** One of the most important parts of Udemy is that if you are not satisfied with the course, you will receive a 30-day return; therefore, there is no risk.


  • Effortless traffic
  • SEO rankings
  • Easy customizable course


  • No students have access to the email
  • Stylistic control is limited
  • Duration
  • Take great commission
  1. Lynda: Become a digital marketer

Lynda is another excellent online digital platform that uses analytical and tactical skills to develop and grow new real estate in the world as a digital marketer. Lynda, experiences in teaching students about marketing plans, content strategy, SEO and many more. Lynda focuses on three aspects, learning, developing and practicing.


What will you learn

  • Lynda gives you 15 hours of expert video tutorials
  • Lectures on SEO fundamentals
  • Essential Google Analytics training
  • Content Marketing Foundations
  • Lead Generation Foundations
  • Foundations that crochet grow
  • Integrated online marketing plan building


  • Affordable
  • Help with a job search
  • Ease of studying


  • No projects
  • No lifetime access
  1. AirTract: Publish your thoughts

AirTract is a platform where you can find different study materials on digital marketing; one can even learn or provide expert consultation for students who want to become a digital marketer. There are many other consulting platforms in the market, but Airtract is unique in that it is easy to use. Airtract contains numerous courses, an answering desk section, and also offers consultations for live experts.


The process of publishing content

  • Become an instructor
  • The launch of the course
  • Create and upload course content
  • Profit-sharing, pricing and promotion
  • Submission of the course


  • Free of charge
  • Expert consultation
  • Structured content


  • No access to the student's email addresses.
  • No points. The highest thing you can earn is a certificate, which says you have completed the course.
  1. Coursera

Coursera is a specialization course offered in digital marketing. They provide master's strategic concepts and tools to teach. In 2016, Coursera was one of the top 10 specializations in terms of student enrollment for online digital marketing courses. The University of Illinois Master of Business Administration degree is part of this specialization. There are seven courses in this specialization, and these are marketing in a digital world, marketing analytics, in theory, marketing practice in practice, digital media and marketing principles, digital media and marketing strategies, analog marketing and digital marketing.



  • Beginner level studies
  • Flexible time schedules
  • 100% authentic online course
  • High video quality classes
  • Structured leather -


  • Fixed enrollment dates
  1. Udacity: 360 degree in digital marketing

Udacity is an excellent online platform to become a digital marketer; you can gain experience in the world through live campaigns and you can be ready to start your career with an understanding of 360-degree digital marketing. The enrollment date is 29,2020, and it requires no prerequisite experience.

This course of Udacity in digital marketing is estimated to take about 3 months, which decreases to 10 hours per week.

Udacity works with many big names in digital marketing such as Facebook Blueprint, Mailchimp, Moz, Hubspot, Google, and Hootsuite.


What they cover

  • Marketing principles
  • Content strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Ads on social media with Facebook blueprint
  • SEO
  • Search engine marketing with Google ads
  • Display ads
  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics


  • Engaged readings
  • Both access to free and paid tracks
  • Appropriate content education


  • Complex and long
  • Requires advanced knowledge to crack the entrance test


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